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  1. I forget to mention the name of most active Ahle Sunnat alim on Internet forums. Promoting and defending faiths and practices of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamat against Millat e Wahabiya and other munafiqeens. That nice person is;



    Name :Moulana Khalil Ahmed Rana


    Place: Punjab , City:???




    Muhammad Faisal

    Optical Networks Engineer

  2. Taha Ali ....tumharay deobandion kai munazray mai nai bhut sunnay hain.

    Tum Sunnion sai dor ke baat ....Shia aur Ghair muqalid wahabi sai bhi topic kai mutabiq munazra nahi kertai.


    Aur yeh ju tum nai Jaan choorani kai liay likha hai

    " ye jo uncle keh rahey hain k deobandi mushrik hain lol ye ajeeb daramey bazi hay sab sey barey mushrik to khud ye hain"

    zaraa is per munazra tu ker kai dekhoo ......agar amnay samnay nahi ker saktai tu written mai hee kerloo.


    Tum deobandi bhee ek jahliana latifa hoo....Jiss aqaiday ko Ambiya aur Auliya kai liay Shirk Shirk kehtay hoo ....woh tumharay Mullaion kee Fazeelat hoo jata hai .

    Hawalay kai liay sirf ek issara tumharay Haji Imadadullah (Rehmatullah Aliah) dor sai sun ker apnay murred ke madad ko fooran pohnch ker mushkil kushi kertai hai aur taqat aiseee kamal kai Jahaz koo bachaa laitay hain"!!!!!


    Khair Izzat tu hai nahi deobandion kai pass.... ....isliay iss topic "Deobandi Mushrik hai" per baat kerloo...kuch nahi bigree ga :lol: !!!!!!

  3. Dear Sunnis (salam)


    I have suggestion regarding topic of Munazara, considering the fact that mostly the munazra with wahabis or on Issues like Gustkah Koon (very few as deos dont want to be reminded of there evil writings),Ilme Ghaib, Hazir o Nazir, Nazir o Niyaz ....this time a new topic ii.e.


    DEOBANDI MUSHRIK HAI.......As per thier own Books


    ( After reading Zalzala i was surprise to see that Deobandi mazhab is full of Stupids that decalres each others faith and practices as Shirk)

  4. (bis)



    (salam) Janab Khaleel Sahib,


    Kia app Munazir hain????


    Kia app nai inn Ikhtalafee masail per PhD kee hoi hai?


    App ko itnay reference kaisay yaad hai aur app ko itnee books koon see libray sai miltai hai


    Janab e wala ....iss topic mai ek chees adhoori reh gai...(deobandi kabhee bhe nahi kari ga)....App pls Mutala e Barelviat pg 413 ka scan attach ker dain.



    Janab e Wala bhut khoob...MasahAllah......Praying Allah to have more blessing on u and ur family

  5. (salam)


    Dear All


    I have heard that deobandi hakeem Ashraf Thanvi holds soft corner for Qadiyanis. Thats why he and other Akabir of deobandi mazhab hasnt accepted "Hassam u l Harmian".....pls confirm


    Whether any body has the scan pgs of Aluomiya Alazfiya in which he refuse to defend aqiada of Khatam e Nubawat , when approched by some Qadiyani


    Please also convey whether any Deobandi has issued any fatwa on Kufr of Qadiyanis in life of Qadiyani Dajjal?



    Thanks in anticipation



    Muhammad Faisal

  6. Akhir Najdi "commander_faisal" nai kuch tu sach maan liya.

    Ab issay chiaye kai in Mehlo ko giraniay kai liay apnay Moolvion aut muftion kee written tehreer laiy aiye.

    I am sure none of them will dare do this ....as all of them have Hatred for Sahabas and Auliyas ...in simpel words are Munafiqs............Challenge to all Wahabis to do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    Muhammad Faisal

  7. (salam)

    One very active Deobandi (stern munafiq) on youtube has uploaded following video;




    Book shown Malfoozat e AlaHazrat P-388 for claiming that Sunnis/barelvis has faith in Imkan e Kizb.


    Please answer this ...as i am not able to understand.


    Few months back a Sunni bro " Muhammad Furqan" youtube user id "mfurqan2nv" was countering and refuting him ...but for last few months no body is tackling him.


    I have earlier requestd him to be active again...but for some reason he isnt yet!!!



    Since www.youtube.com is world most famous media site ....visited by millions around teh world so such allgations must be countered by some learnt brothers on "youtube".





    Muhammad Faisal

  8. Massacre of Pathan/Pashtoon Ahle Sunnah Uleams is part of devlish plots of Deobandis.

    This Khayber agnecy area is heavily infected by Deo bandi group. Surprisingly and as usual Sunnis are not much concerned with continuous Blood shed fo Ahle Sunnah.

    From last twenty years Pashtoon Ahle Sunnat Ulemas and peoples are continuously pushed to walls by different sects of Wahabioys. Deo bandis are becoming dominent force , as a result they are destroying Mazars, capturing Sunni Masajids and Madrassas (reported in News papers). Group usually involve is led by Gustakh e Rasool Mufti Munir Shakir (who is graduate of Taqi Usmani’s Darul Uloom in Karachi. These groups are using same tactics as adopted by wahabis in Hijaz …..i.e. to continue masscare of Sunnis, destroy Mazars and capture/control Masajids of Ahle Sunnnah.


    I think many users are aware of the fact that Imam e Ahle Sunat was Pathan from Qandhar. And the Pashtoons are the people who have killed Ismaeel Dehlvi . So logically they should love Imam e Ahle Sunnat and hate wahabiya , but now due to continuous wahabiyas propaganda the situation is opposite.


    I don’t know why Sunnis around the world specially Pakistanis are not active in this matter. Even a condemnation statement is rarely seen in news papers!!!!!!

    If no serious steps were taken collectively then in near future the virus of deobandi/wahabi mazhab will wipeout (Allah Forbid) Ahle Sunnah from Pashtoon areas of NWFP and Balochistan!!!!!!!!

  9. Hafiz Abdul Azeem, Maulana Hamayun Qadri, Maulana Noourdin Qadri and their driver Bacha Khan were coming in a Corrolla car from their village in Landikotal when unknown militants ambushed and killed them by opening indiscriminate firing on them. An eye-witnesses told that they killers were in a car and Surf vehicle when they stopped them on the main road at Ghariza Jamrud and shot the dead. Hafiz Abdul Azeem, the uncle of MNA Noorul Haq Qadri, and Senator Hafiz Abdul Malik, Hamayun their brother, Noorudin was son of Senator Abdul Malik whereas Bacha was their driver and son-in-law of Senator Abdul Malik. The killers ran away from the scene unnoticed though there were Khasadars on the nearby check post of Takhta Bag in one far long distance. The workers of Tanzeem Ahle Sunnath Wal Jamaat while getting provoked tended to close the main road and the main bazaar of Landikotal after making aerial firing to frighten the people. They were chanting anti government slogans.The protesters blamed the government and political administration for not taking any action to improve the bad law and order in the whole of Khyber Agency. They said that their lives and properties were not safe in the present circumstances.The disciples of MNA and Senator told that the deceased persons were religious scholars and they had no enmity with any grioup or individual in the agency,they told. They also told that under government conspiracy the religious scholars were on the hit list of militants and terrorists. The funeral prayer was largely attended by the local people,thgeir disciples along with the Federal Minister Hamidullah Jan Afridi, Deputy speaker of National Assemly Faisal Kundi and MNA Munir Aurakzai. Pir of Manki Sharif after the funeral prayer told that the workers should not disturb the peace of the area and maintain law and order. The workers on this occasion chanted full throat slogans against the government and the President Musharraf and vowed to take revenge. The road was opened for the traffic so that people could attend the funeral prayer. After the incident the angry supporters of Noorul Haq took out a protest procession and the Pakh-Afghan Highway has been blocked for traffic.


  10. Brother if some one can share the scan pgs of deobandi mulas book in which they have claimed/decalred to be Wahabi.


    If some one have pls share in new topic. So that in future its easy to locate them


    Lastly one request to all ...that pls select/use the Topic name that summarizes the contents inside. Bc on some instances its diffcult to search them .

    For e.g I m not able to locate "Tehreef Quran topic of deobandis" and Pir Karam Shah tooba naama for "Tehzeer un Naas"




    Muhammad Faisal

  11. shukriya Saeedi bhai......Yeh tu deobandi kahain gai hee.....Akhir inn deobandio koo Hindu ka parsad aur Kaway kaa soup bhee tu peena hai.....hahahahaa.


    Waisay mujhai lagta hai kai jab Jashn e deoband maniya giya thaa ...Uss waqt deobandion ke bari peerni Indra Gandhi nai ziayfat kai liay Kawa Biryani hee pakwei hoo gee!!!! :lol:


    (Yeh tu fact hai kai Khanay ka intezam Indra Gandhi ke tarf sai howa thaa!!!!)

  12. You looks to be a confuse person….....

    I think u don’t have faith in Ahadees mubaraka in which its mention that 72 firqas will be in Hell and only one will be in paradise.

    Your post reflect that u believe in just reciting Kalima Tayyiba is enough….after that do what ever u want ….do crimes like Disrespecting Allah (azw) , his Nabi e Azeem (saw) , Quran e Azeem , Sahaba e Karam ….. .


    It will much better if u can discuss this issue in new topic. It will be more fruitfull and conclusive

    As this topic is dedicated to expose one biddati and gustakh Moolvi Tariq Jamil.

  13. "Its shame for Wife of Moulana Tariq Jamil Sahab, ......."


    Good at last some body accept half truth. Its very funny to note that Tariq Jamil has no control on his family!!!

    "I can understand that the reason behind this post was anger & jealousy ......the popularity is govern by Allah not by human"


    He is by almeans notorious not famous......as he is a promotor of deos mazhab.

    "Mohtaram Barelvi Bahioon, Moulana Tariq Jamil Sahab ...... mein ya Hashar mein sawal hoga"

    Its true thats why Ahle Sunnat ( u may term them as barelvi) always focus on Emaan...and for this they keep on exposing the hypocrisy of Tableeghis .

    dear Leave Tariq Jamils munafqana teachings ...and join Ahle Sunnah. My advice to search and read different topics on tableeghis/deobandis to know the truth. May be you will be guided to righteous path ..that is Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamat

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