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  1. This Post is mainly for Deobundis and Tablighis if they can provide the reference for this hadees. Hadees reference required for the Hadees quoted by Tariq Jameel that ALLAH read the Janaza of Hazrat Muhammad Sallalahu alaihe wasallam. there is no such hadees and he has made this hadees on his own. The clip is from his bayan at Dewsbury markaz, England 21 May 2009. Full audio of the bayan is available on his website and youtube but the incomplete video clip is available which I have appended at the end. Audio clip link Video clip link Mp3 clip link (Can also be provided) listen from 60 minute onwards
  2. yeh new book nahi hay balkeh 1986 ki likhi hui book hay jab woh deobundi thay. aur ab deobundion ne ise dobara publish kr diya hay jaise yeh koi new book hau. iss book ka first edition 1986 main publish huwa tha aur iss k third edition ki date bhi book k pg.56 par 1989 likhi hay (jis k bare main likha hay k jo aap k hath main hay). jis k neeche author ne 20 feb 1986 date likhi hui hay. so jau bhi date maan lau yeh old book hay aur tm deobundion ne ise again publish kr diya hay jaise woh phr deobundi hau gaye hon woh kehte hain na k naqal k liye bhi aqal ki zarurat hoti hay. deobundion ne book tau publish kr di but uss main dates change krna bhul gaye. issi book k page 13 par author ki tarf se "Intisab" main 20 feb 2010 date likhi gai hay jb keh pg 56 pe "Arz e Muallaf" main 1986 hay. aur phr kitab k end pr bhi 20 feb 1986 likha hay so yeh koi new book nai hay siraf purani mayyat ko nai qabar main litaya hay . chk the book here
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