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  1. Download book Bahar-e-Shariat from dis link http://rapidshare.com/files/94241385/Bahar-e-Shariat.zip also fwd dis link to ur friends and family members and yahoo groups
  2. I Want to Download Quran Pak With Urdu Translation In Text Format The Site u Mentioned is not download option neways thanks for ur concern
  3. Asalam O Alaikum How R U Allz. .... I Hope Are All Fine There ....... I Want To Ask Very Important Question To All Of You....... Any One Of You Know About A Site Where I Can Download Quran Pak With Urdu Translation In Text Format...... I Mean No Picutres ... In Inpage Format .... I Shall Be Very Thankful To All Of U .. Allah Hafiz
  4. ALVIDA ALVIDA ALVIDA Hai Mah-e-Ramzan Bus Alvida Hai ALVIDA ALVIDA ALVIDA Hai Mah-e-Ramzan Bus Alvida Hai Din Teray Anay Say Muotbar Thay Noor Main Dobay Sham-o-Sehar Thy Teray Janey Say Dil Rooh Raha Hai Mah-e-Ramzan Bus Alvida Hai Sehar-o-Iftar Kiraat Tarawee Aur Azanain Namain-o-Tasbee Yeh Sama Noori Tuj Sy Mila Hai Mah-e-Ramzan Bus Alvida Hai Rehmaton Ka Tu Paigham Laya Barkaton Ka Tu Inaam Laya Rutba Alla-o-Afzal Tera Hai Mah-e-Ramzan Bus Alvida Hai Jaam Rehmat Ky Tu Ny Pilayay Gul Muradoon Ky Tu Ny Khilayay Tu Juda Hum Sy Ab Ho Raha Hai Mah-e-Ramzan Bus Alvida Hai Hum Ko Dekh Tu Payay Ga Tub Tak Ghar Rahay Zinda Aglay Baras Tak Phir Milain Gy Jo Hukam-e-Khuda Hai Mah-e-Ramzan Bus Alvida Hai Chal Dia Hai Tu Jo Rab Ki Janib Ahl-e-Iman Ky Purnam Hai Qalib Qalb-e-Ishrat Bi Gham Sy Barah Hai Mah-e-Ramzan Bus Alvida Hai
  5. 31.While taking meals laying the left foot (on the floor) and keeping the right foot in upright/erect position or sitting on the buttocks and keeping both the knees in upright position or sitting on the hams/sitting with folded legs; By sitting (while taking meals) in any of the three positions/forms the sacred tradition of the Prophet would stand having been followed/acted upon. 32.Hold (the loaf of) bread in left hand and break the same with right hand as this is the tradition of the Prophet 33.If a morsel (of food) or a piece of bread or particles of grain etc. fall on the ground/table cloth then pick those up, wipe/clean the same and eat those up, as for the "One" doing so, there is the divine inspiration (glad tidings) of him being salved/pardoned "AL-HAMDU-LILLAH" (All praise being for Allah ). 34.To eat by means of one finger (only) is the rite/course of "Satan" and to eat with two fingers is the way/custom of the proud/self-conceited people (and) to eat with three fingers is the (sacred) tradition of the Prophet 35.After having taken the meals pick the teeth by means of a straw/dried stalk as that is the tradition of the Prophet 36.Drink water while in sitting posture, in the (broad) day light, with the glass (of water) held in the right hand (and) after reciting "BISMILLA-HIR-RAHMAN-IR-RAHEEM" (Allah in the name of), by looking/seeing at the water; drink in three breaths in such a way that each breath is inhaled when the glass (of water) is removed away from the mouth. In the first and the second turns (i.e. breaths) take one drought/gulp (of water) each and in the third breath take as many droughts (of water) as you wish to take. After having taken the water (to your satiation) say/recite "AL-HAMDU-LILLAH", (all praise being for Allah ) 37.After having drank the water (to your satiation) don't, on any account, throw away the water remaining in the glass as to do so is extravagance, and extravagance is unlawful. Have the remaining water in the glass taken by some one else. It is stated in the sacred saying of the Prophet :- (There is cure/healing in the residue food or the drinking stuff of a Muslim believer)." 38.To wash the teeth using "Miswak" (i.e. one span length natural traditional tooth brush made out of small finger wide stem of a tree) before going to bed/sleep is the tradition of the Prophet And to sleep with the ablution purification performed (too) is the (sacred) tradition of the Prophet 39.Before going to bed/sleep (and) after reciting "BISMILLAH" (Allah in the name of) dust the bed three times so that if there are any pernicious (harmful) animal species i.e. insects/worms in the bed the same get dispelled. 40.Sleep sometimes on the (palm) mat, sometimes on hide/skin, sometimes on bed stead, sometimes on floor for no reason and some time form pillow like support of the right fore-arm and the right hand (for sleeping). All these (modes) are the (sacred) traditions of the Prophet . By appropriating these practices (for the purposes of following the same) the spiritual love for the Madni Sovereign would (tend to) grow/prosper. (If Allah willing).
  6. 21.To sit at the place, where there is some sunshine and some shade, is (as per Islamic law) forbidden. 22.Whenever you come to attend (any) congregation or party don't (try to) go forward jumping/striding across the people; Rather! get seated where-ever you find room to sit. 23.While sitting take off your shoes; your feet would be relieved/be at ease. (AL-HADEES) 24.When some one arrives, to slide or to widen the space for him is the (sacred) tradition of the Prophet 25.As far as possible sit with the face set towards the direction of sacred Ka'aba as our Dear Master/Lord used to sit often on the hams (i.e. with folded legs), with the face set towards the direction of sacred Ka'aba and both the auspicious hands placed on the knees. In addition to this there, are other ways/methods of His sitting too that have already been described before. 26.If there are two women standing in the way or walking don't (try to) pass from in between themselves. 27.While walking on the path way guard yourself from walking in confused/perplexed state (i.e. looking hither and thither or right and left). 28.In walking be cautious as well that the shoes don't create any sound. 29.Put on the right shoe first then the left and while taking the shoes off take out the left foot first then the right foot. 30.To wash both hands up to the wrists before and after taking meals, to gargle/rinse the mouth and to wash the front (outside) portion of the mouth is the (sacred) tradition of the Prophet . Of course even if "One" did not wash the mouth after having taken the meals it won't be said (considered) that the tradition of the Prophet was not discharged/complied with.
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