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  1. Religion of the Universe in Languages of the Universe: A platform to gather all the potential translators (mainly) and writers of the religious material. This group has been created solely for the purpose of translation/proofreading/editing/management of bilingual (or multilingual) Islamic literature (softcopies only). We Aim to gather the devoted religious workers from all around the world, the translators (Arabic, English, Urdu, Persian etc) writers and anybody who can work for it. We do this for the benefit of none but the whole Muslim Ummah. A list of members, newcomers and upcom
  2. The link appears to be of Wahabi Khawarij, since it is a rule of the forum to remove all non-sunni links therefore one must act here too.
  3. The link appears to be of Wahabi Khawarij, since it is a rule of the forum to remove all non-sunni links therefore one must act here too.
  4. Here is PDF document of this book so you can download and share with friends and websites easily. Remember me in your prayers. Imam Bukhari al-Shafi'i.pdf
  5. Belief of Muhadditheen. To seek help from Prophet of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) after his apparent departure from this world: Allama Abu Abdullah Sams-ud-Din Muhammad Dhahabi, a Muhaddith and a renowned expert in textual criticism, was a disciple of Allama Ibn-e-Katheer Damishqi. An Arabic book of him “Tadhkira tul Huffaaz” is very famous. In this, remembrance of many Huffaaz ul Hadith (memorizers of the Prophetic traditions) is present. Some years ago, Ghair al-Muqallid (Wahabi) Molvi Sheikh ul Hadith Hafiz Muhammad Ishaaq translated this book into Urdu, a
  6. Original Article In Urdu Can be Found Here: http://www.islamimehfil.com/topic/1179-aehl-e-bidat-kon/ Who are the Ahlul Bid'ah? Mufti Iqbal Saeedi ( Educator of Hadis, Jamia Anwar ul Uloom ) Multan Translator: Saif ul Islam Due to the excessive propaganda against Ahlus Sunnah regarding the issue of Bid'ah (innovation), those who do not have enough religious education and understanding began to suppose that Ahlus Sunnah are Ahlul Bid'ah. This is a famous saying among politically polluted propagandists "utter the lie time and again until it is accepted as a truth". Same idea was adopted w
  7. Imam Ahmad Raza and Hadaaiq e Bakhshish Part 3 This objection is also raised against Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Barelvi (Allah’s mercy be upon him) that he made himself appear like a great lover of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) but at the same time said some disrespectful and shameless stanzas about the Ummul Mumineen Hazrat Aayisha Siddeeqah (May Allah be pleased with her). This is a grave false accusation. Some other person’s mistake in the order (of stanzas) is unjustly related towards Imam Ahmad Raza Khan, while this (Hadaaiq e Bakhshish part 3) was publ
  8. Alteejani sahb apki tawil ko mene parha. Ap ne kaha k aik munafiq Madina par qabza karna chahta tha to "Musalmanon Madeena mushrikon se ne cheen lia" kehna durust hai. Bhai, chheena us cheez ko jata hai jis par pehle qabza na ho. Musalman ka to pehle se hi hold tha Madina sharif par, phir akhir ye bat kese samajh men aati hai k Musalmanon ne Madina mushrikon se cheena tha? Aik baat aur, Zaid Hamid ki puri baat ye hai "Musalmano ne Madina bi mushrikon se cheena tha, ham bhi Delhi cheenen ge". Yani jis tarha Madina cheena gaya ussi tarha Delhi cheenen ge. Ab sawal ye uthta hai Madeena pa
  9. Is topic par bohot ziada out of topic baaten horahi hen. To plz ye rule hai k topic k mutabik hi baat karni hai, Zaid Hamid k liye alag topic jab open hai to phir yahan is par baat karne ki kia hajat hai? Yahan Sheikh Amin Idreesi par baat karni hai kiunke topic ussi k liye open hua hai. Akhir bila waja out of topic baat karne men hikmat hi kia hai? Moderators jald is topic se tamam ghair mutalliqa posts delete karden, Anwar sahb aur Alteejani sahb aap apne posts copy paste kar k record karlen kiunke apke posts delete hone wale hen. JazakAllah!
  10. Assalamualaikum. Is topic men post no. 7 men jo links diye gae hen wo kaam nahi karrahe..... aur islamieducation men download section k undar Kutub aur Mazamin k links bhi kaam nahi karrahe... Plz fix them ASAP.
  11. Shabeer Usmani was the only Deobandi molvi who in his last stage favoured formation of Pakistan. Anyhow he was, with respect to belief, a Deobandi prominent scholar. It was Deobandi's Sheikh ul Islam Hussain Ahmad Tandvi congressy Gandhwi (who was mohtamim of Dar ul Uloom Deoband) who said Quaid e Azam as Kafir e Azam. SHABEER AHMED USMANI VS ATAULLAH BUKHARI CONDITION OF MOULVI SHABEER AHMED USMANI: His fault was that he joined ‘Muslim League’ and voted for the foundation of Pakistan in last stages. FATWA OF ATAULLAH BUKHARI: “People who vote ‘Muslim League’ for Pakista
  12. Assalamualaikum, Please download attachement articles. Ismail Dehlvi ka Jihaad.pdf Lal-Qila-Se-Lal-Masjid-Tak.pdf Dehshatgardon ke Aqaaid.pdf Dushman e Awliya se Ailaan e Jang.pdf Swat aur Malakand ke Buzurgaan e Deen.pdf Mojuda Dehshatgardi aur Wahabi Deobandi Dharam.pdf Jihad aur Dehshatgardi men Farq.pdf
  13. Kia koi Deobandi Maai ka laal yahan befaida guftgu karne k bajae mozu k mutabik kuch kahega aur defend karega? Waiting for reasonable answers. FATWA OF MOULVI GHULAM KHAN: “How can one be benevolent, Mushkil-Kusha (solver of difficulty) and openhanded for someone? People having such beliefs are purely faithless. They have no (legal) nuptial. The one who does not believe them (possessers of such beliefs) to be disbeliever or polytheist is himself unfaithful as such.” (Jawaahirul Qur’aan, page 147, by Moulvi Ghulam Khan) Good work Shahid bhai...!
  14. Police register offence against maulana for remark on saint MUMBAI: The Ghatkopar police have registered a criminal offence against Meraj Rabbani, a maulana of the Ahle Hadees sect, for allegedly hurting the religious sentiments of Barelvi Sunni Muslims. While addressing a gathering on Sunday night at Chirag Nagar, Ghatkopar West, Maulana Rabbani allegedly passed disparaging remarks against Khwaja Gareeb Nawaz, a Sufi saint of Ajmer who is highly revered by the Barelvis. Soon a huge mob of protesters gathered at the venue and demanded an apology from the maulana. Seeing the tense situ
  15. Wah MashaAllah, ab ye IslamiEducation.com/en/books men lagani hai bass... Designed title page k sath.
  16. Anwar bhai, its not Zahid Hameed... Its Zaid Hamid... known as Zaid Zaman Hamid, the defence analyst of Pakistan. There are some suspecious content about him in youtube and other sites.
  17. Lagta hai ye topic Behes barae Islaah nahi balke Article barae article horahi hai.. agar koi khud hi akar mozu par baat kare to aur constructive baat ho to baat banne... Admins/mods should take actions now.
  18. Hazrat Ayesha RadiAllahu Anha par lagti jhooti tohmat ko bar bar uchal kar Nabi AlaihisSalatuWassalam k Khudadad Ilm e Ghaib par tanqeed karne wale aur Allah ki is Ata ko naqis sabit karne wale ye bataen k Kia Huzoor (AlaihisSalaam) ne us waqt ye farmaya tha k Allah ne mujhe fulan cheez ka Ilm nahi dia k kon Haq par hai kon nahi...? Kisi cheez ka Izhar na karna aur Wahi ka intazar karna, iska matlab yeh nahi k Huzoor AlaihisSalaam ko sirre se Ilm hi nahi dia gaya tha, balke Irada e Ilahi hi yehi tha k Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqa RadiAllahu Anha ki paaki ki gawahi khud KalamuLLAH de. Khud aap ne
  19. Arre yaar Sybarite bhai mene Minhaji ki posts yahan is topic se delete karne ko kaha tha kiunke wo doosre topic par pehle hi kaha ja chuka tha lekin aap ne is k bajaae wo wala topic delete kardia... jahan mene replies likhi thin...................................................!!!!!!
  20. Yahood o Nasara o Hinduon ka paisa khaane wale aur unse Aslaha le kar Musalmanon ka Qatl o Gharat kar k Khawarij k Sangdil giroh, wohi jinki nishani ye hai k har sadi men Musalmanon ka Qatl e Aam karenge aur tamam Musalmanon ko Kafir o Mushrik o Murtad o Wajid ul Qatl kehne wale, is giroh ki tasdeek karne walon ki Yahood-Nawaz aur Anti-Islam Dehshatgardi ka aik aur saboot link men mulahiza karen: http://www.bbc.co.uk/urdu/pakistan/2010/01/100106_orkzai_shrine_zee.shtml
  21. MashaAllah, SubhanAllah! JazakAllah Sybarite bhai. Hamshabeeh-e-Ghauth-e-Azam, Janashin-e-Mujaddid-e-Azam, Huzoor-e-Mufti-e-Azam Shah Mustafa Raza Khan Noori Rahmatullah Alaih ka faiz jaari rahe, Aammeen. Mufti Azam ka zarra ki bana Akhtar Raza, Mehfil e Anjum men Akhtar doosra milta nahi.
  22. Mufti Ata-ul-Mustafa A'zami Shehzaade hen Huzoor Muhaddis e Kabeer Allama Zia ul Mustafa A'zami. aur Allama Zia ul Mustafa A'zami Shezaade hen Huzoor Sadr ush Shariah Allama Amjad Ali A'zami.
  23. English of this article is now updated on the first post, those who find problem in reading urdu can now read the english article and hope to see your participation in the section(s). JazakAllah.
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