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  1. The leader of the Time, Mohammad Bayazeed Khan Panni Founder and Emam, Hezbut Tawheed Besmellaher Rohmaner Rohim Basically man is a social being and lives collectively. No man is self sufficient and must depends on others for several reasons that makes him bound for collective living. For living socially it is very natural to obey some rules and regulations that encompass factors on various subjects of life and it is called the system of life. Naturally one side of this system will be on spiritual development and other includes all types of provisions like penal code, ec
  2. It is the first time that i seen Mohammad title before girls name.
  3. We, those whom the Almighty in His Infinite Mercy has caused to understand and accept the true faith, abandoned the perverted version practiced for so long-are truly blessed, truly fortunate. For, we are the people in whose hearts the Merciful One has allowed the true faith to take root, opened our eyes so that we see, the rightful Islam as revealed to Allah’s Messenger (SM). We were lost, wandering in search of truth, the real Islam and we were clinging to the perverted. Islam embedded in our hearts and minds by the Christian Orientalists, striving to establish the same, when He, the most Gra
  4. What You meant that is the present time and is going in the same way prophet said. Am i right?
  5. You may not prove that Music is haram and i may not prove that Music is not haram because there is not a single specific ayah about this topic in Al Qur'an. So keep it to Allah solve this problem
  6. Did you gone through my link?
  7. Mere pas nehi he.I wish could i help you.
  8. The call of True Islam (not the so called Islam of today) from The Leader of The Time, Mohammad Bayazeed Khan Panni- To people, who are aware to even a minimum degree of what is happening around them in this world, it does not come as any surprise what pitiable situation the population of about 1600 million or 160 crores people who claim themselves to be Muslims are in. They are being subjected to untold horror by all other peoples of this world, defeated in every aspect, insulted, humiliated and killed. Their places of worship, their mosques, are being razed to the ground or turned into off
  9. Ranu

    Please Share

    Please share all the things learning able and Islamic. Assalamualaikum Ehadikumullah
  10. I believe in Quranic Miracle.Do you heard the verse "Above of it is 19".One big miracle is hiding under it. Try to guess i will share it next.I want to know how much you know about the 19 ?
  11. Should we care what we share?
  12. Looking at the universe which sounds us, reflecting and contemplating on the beauty which surrounds us on earth and beyond, brings peace to the heart. This video was filmed on a mountain in Spain. http://uk.video.yahoo.com/vyc-24875442/yahoovideo-24875443/the-mountain-24968176.html#crsl=%252Fvyc-24875442%252Fyahoovideo-24875443%252Fthe-mountain-24968176.html This was filmed between 4th and 11th April 2011 on El Teide, Spain´s highest mountain If you have similar inspirational videos, please share Assalamualaikum Ehadikumullah
  13. How to remove hair loss ?I am a victim of this.Please share the cheapest and effective one quickly.
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