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  1. کنزالایمان مؤبائیل میھٹے میھٹے اسلامی بھائیوں خوشبری! پورا کنزالایمان شریف اب آپکے مؤبائیل پے بلکل مفت دستیاب ھے، جسمیں آپ اردو میں معنی‘ اور تفسیر مع انگلیش ترجمعہ پڑھسکتے ھیں ، اور جسمیں پوری قراْت اور اردو ترجمعہ سن سکتے ھیں (اس میں عربی عبارتیں نہیں ھے) Alhamdhulillahi Azzawajal!, Complete Kanzul Iman Shareef Mobile version for mobile phones is now available for free!! With Urdu/English Translation, Urdu Tafseer & Full Audio of Arabic Quran and urdu Translation! (unfortunately NO Arabic Quran text) To Download, Please visit: http://www.kgnfosys.com Features: 1. Directly Goto Surah, Ayah, Para, Ruku and Manzil. Insha Allah Azzawajal, Kanzul Iman Mobile Application Would run on almost all java enabled devices. (Insha Allah Azzawajal Android & windows mobile versions coming soon) 2. View Urdu & English Meaning. 3. View Urdu Tafseer 4. Listen to Arabic Quran Audio & Urdu Meaning Audio (Separately or one after the other) 5. Book Marks (Up to 6) 6. SMS Urdu & English Meaning (Also Preview SMS, See how many..etc..) 7. Export Meaning and Tafseer to text file (in your mobile device) After exporting you will be able to send the file via Bluetooth, Email or MMS. 8. Correct Urdu feature for Mobile devices that doesn’t support Urdu (but supports Arabic)
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