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  1. https://www.islamimehfil.com/topic/26207-disrespect-and-insult-of-prophet-sallallahu-alayhi-wa-aalihi-wassallm-in-shaykh-ashraf-ali-thanvis-statement-of-hifz-ul-iman/
  2. Controversial And Kufria Statements: Question: “A certain individual, Zayd, stated prostration is of two types, worship, respect, and when on to state Amr believes prostration of respect for other then Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) is permissible. And believes Tawaf (i.e. circumbulation) around the graves (of Awliyah-Allah) is permissible. Evidence of permissibility … And says Ilm Al-Ghayb is of two types: bil-Zaat [of one’s ownself]; in this meaning only Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) is Aalim ul-Ghayb, none else. And ba-wasta [through means, alternative; bil-Ardh; granted by another] and in th
  3. FiftyFour - Maulvi Ismail Dehalvi On Distractions In Prayers: Maulvi Ismail Dehalvi whom the Wahhabis of subcontinent and Deobandis consider as their major scholar. Even Hanbali Wahhabi publishers in Riyadh published his Taqwiyat Ul Iman in English and on basis of this I assume they are appreciate his views. Ismail Dehalvi wrote a book, Sirat e Mustaqeem and in it while discussing polluting thoughts which effect purity of Salah Ismail Dehalvi wrote; if thought of engaging an illegal sexual intercourse (i.e. Zina) during Salah enters into ones [heart/mind] it would be better to think of having
  4. Khadim nay aik channel banaya heh jis par meray pass joh Munazray thay upload kar raha hoon: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzv-ljWPGY_htQ7H_yp8C4w
  5. Yeh aik hazrat youtube channel kay owner hen. Deobandi hen. Thori baat huwi toh dawat deeh kay idhar aa kar mujjay Ilm Ghayb ki wazahat keren.
  6. Salam alaykum. Al-Tasdeeqaat janab aayeh idhar forum par aap ko welcome kartay hen.
  7. Salam alaykum. Mein nay joh Musannaf Anwar e Shariat kay baray mein likha us say ruju karta hoon. Kafi arsa baad is mozoo par tehqeeq kee aur sayaq o sabaq ko dekha toh andaza huwa kay yeh waqia hi aik ilzami jawab heh jis ki bunyad muttariz kay nazria par hoti heh. Mufti saahib ka yeh nazria hargiz nahin thah kay Nabi Isa (alayhis salam) nakaam wapis lotay hen.
  8. Introduction: Kharijis of Najd charge that Muslim Ummah of RasoolAllah (sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi was’sallam) has fallen into major Shirk centuries ago because they worship saints, graves, Jinn, trees, fairies, and idols. In order to justify this charge they have invented an understanding of Shirk which has no basis in Quran, or in the Sunnah of Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi was’sallam). None before Wahhabism with exception to Shaykh Ibn Taymiyyah and illiterates who followed him employed these invented principles to determine if a practice/belief is major Shirk or not. After their e
  9. Evidence Against Disbelievers Who Believe Mushrikeen Were/Are Upon Tawheed al-Rububiyyah. Introduction: The Imam of Khawarij, Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab, al-Najdi, at-Tamimi taught Mushrikeen of Arabia believed in Tawheed al-Rububiyyah. Muslims in contrast believe Mushrikeen did not believe in Tawheed al-Rububiyyah but they committed Shirk al-Rububiyyah. This dispute is not a minor disagreement but issue on which Islam and Kufr is established and negated. Hence it is important to know what Quran, Sunnah, and shining beacons of Ummah say. Earlier Content Refuting, Mushrikeen Believed
  10. Things are part of Islam and connected with Islam based on the rulings. Eating camel is part of Islam. It is connected through ruling about it. It is Halal and permissible, ruling, it is Sunnah, ruling. Everyhing is connected with Islam due to the rulings about it. Alcohol is part of Islam. How? The ruling it is fobbiden. Jihad is part of Islam because ruling is that it is prescribed, what we can do and cant do in it, is part of Islam, why because their are rulings permitting and probhibiting in Islam. Everything is connected with Islam via some type of ruling. Jihad, interest, Zina, alcohol,
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