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  1. The Hadith, I have NO trust in Wahhabi's or Deobandi's quoting religious texts but trusting that hadith has been quoted and hadith is either sahih/hassan/weak or tallaqi bil qabool, I will comment on the text of Hadith. Companion believed that Prophet (sallallahu alayhi was'sallam) was not Bashr but when he saw him he realized Prophet (sallallahu alayhi was'sallam) is Bashr. My criticism on hadith, first of all belief that Prophet (sallallahu alayhi was'sallam) is human being is fundamental and anyone who does not believe in or did not believe in it was and is Kafir. How can a companion of Pro
  2. Salam alayqum, bahi agar mazeed madad kee zeroorat huwi toh forum per zeroor issue raise keryeh ga.
  3. Salam alayqum Baee yeh jaiz nahin. Essa kerna intihahi bewaqoofi aur jahalat kee intiha heh. Es'see qomiyat insaan kay layk nahin musalman kay layk hona door kee baat heh. Beta, betiyoon kay rishtay deen kee munasbat say kernay chahyeh. Jis qom meh acha aur naik rishta millay shadi ker deni chahyeh. Sirf ek baat ka dehan rakhna chahyeh kay Sunni Musalman aurat ya mard ka nikkah kissi gumra ya Kafir say nahin kerna chahyeh. Essay azmaishi moqoon per sabr kerna chahyeh aur Allah ka shukr kerna chahyeh kay banda Musalman aur taleem Islam per perwa heh. Meray pass kohi kitab nahin in sha'alla
  4. Introduction: Prophet (sallallahu alayhi was’sallam) foretold the appearance Satan’s group from Najd. He stood near the pulpit of Masjid Nabvi and pointed toward the house of Hazrat Ayesha (radiallah ta’ala anha) then said that Satan’s group will emerge from this direction. Other Ahadith indicate Prophet (sallallahu alayhi was’sallam) pointed toward East then said Satan’s group will emerge from this direction. One particular Hadith states that Prophet (sallallahu alayhi was’sallam) said Satan’s group will emerge from the direction where sunrises. All these Ahadith indicate one region from w
  5. Salam alayqum Moteram Khalil Sahib jab meh Deobandi thah toh Allah Yar Khan aur Akram Awan kee taraf meh kafi mahil thah magar Sunni honay kay baad meh nay in ko perna chor deeya. Mujjay Akram Awan ka toh pata heh kay yeh mardood heh magar Allah Yar Khan kay aqahid o nazriat kia thay. Wesay toh shagird ko dekh ker ustad ka andaza heh mujjay kay kia hoga magar tafseel maloomat kay leyeh pooch raha hoon.
  6. 1) Wahhabi aur Salafi ek hee hen. Wahhabiyoon kay two major group hen Muqallid aur ghair-muqallid. Muqallid woh hen joh apna aap ko Hanbali aur Salafi kehtay hen. Ghair Muqallid Pakistani, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan meh hen in ka kohi mazhab nahin siwahay joh in ko pasand ahay aur aam tor per yeh firqa apnay aap ko Ahle Hadith kehta heh. Jistera kutta ek hee janwar heh magar is kee bot si naslen hen issee tera Wahhabi be ek hee firqa heh magar jistera kuttoon kee naslen hen issee tera Wahhabiyoon kee bi different groups hen. Magar bunyadi tor per sab Wahhabi hen. Aslan Wahhabiat Kharijiat
  7. Salam Shahzad baee, mujjay in say discuss kernay denh. Takay kuch nateeja niklay. Auroon kee dakhal andaazi behas ko aur taweel ker deh gee.
  8. Your wrote: "I remember the same type of anaology was first put up by Mufti Ahmed Yar Khan Naeemi in His Ja Alhaq and similarly by Molvi Mohammad Umar Acharvi Sahab in his Miqiyas E Hanafiyat a long time ago and you seem to follow in their footsteps." Stating that I have followed the footsteps of Ulamah of Ahle Sunnat is no sufficent ground to reject what I have presented. I presume you intended to refute the creed of Muslims by writing the above because Wahhabi's and Deobandi's both are conditioned to refute the Ahle Sunnat by arguing you are only following ancestors. Commonly these verses ar
  9. Intorduction: Heretical Wahabi, Deobandi rationalist's, often use rationalism and lean heavily on analytical deductions to advance their believes to members of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jammah. The vast majority of Muslims are ignorant of the true teaching of Quran and Sunnah, only having elimentary knowledge of their beleives. The use of rationalism, and analogy, against such Sunni's makes them easy target for the heretics, and in most cases Sunni's trusting the knowledge of these heretics fall prey to their heretical teachings. Note, that there is nothing wrong with rationalism, anlyitical reasoning
  10. Intorductory Remarks: Those readers who would be inclined to think this article is based on conjecture, and Tafsir bir'rae, are reminded; there are different categories of Tafsir, the highiest and the most authorative Tafsir type is of Tafsir of Quran with Quran, then the second comes Tafsir of Quran with Ahadith, and this article is soley based on these two principles of Tafsir. Qull Ghayb Knowledge Of RasoolAllah is technical jargon, a shorter version of actual aqeedah: RasoolAllah Was Given Qull Ghayb Knowledge Contained In Lawh Wal Kalam {Tablet & Pen}. Any objections about Prophets k
  11. RasoolAllah kay leyeh ham Qul ilm e Khuda ka aqeedah nahin rakhtay balkay Qul ilm e Lawh wal Qalam wala aqeedah rakhtay hen. Aur is ko mukhtasar ker kay Qull ilm e Ghayb kehtay hen. Jissay ham Qull ilm kehtay hen woh qull ilm lawh wal qalam heh is'see ko ma qana wama yaqoon ka ilm farmaya gaya heh. yehni joh kuch ho chuka aur ho hoga. yeh sab ilm lawh almafooz meh heh aur is ko Allah kay Nabi jantay hen. Hadith meh aya heh qalam nay poocha kia likhoon toh Allah nay farmaya joh kuch ho chuka aur joh hoga. Is per English meh mera article heh perh loh.
  12. Shahzad baee, aaj kay dawr meh joh apnay aap ko Sunni kehtay hen un kay leyeh Sunni Maulvi kay moon say nikli huwi baat aur kuttay kee bhonk ek barabar heh. TV per agar kohi pent suite, tie, boots aur engrezi meh agar khanzeer ko halal kahay toh logh maan jahen gay. Dosra Sunni awaam ko shoroon say naatoon, shehroon, khanay peenay wali rasmoon, aur fazail per train keeya gaya heh aur taqreer be woh sunna pasand kertay hen joh geet kay andaaz meh sing kee kahi ho. Is leyeh Maulvi bichara kuch nahin ker sakta. Allah kay Nabi sallallahu alayhi was'sallam ka farman heh kay deen islam semit ker phi
  13. Awain yeh chavlen mar raha heh is'see tera Thanvi aur Gangohi aur Hussain Ahmad madni aur woh bangi ya charsi naam thah us ka yeh sab chavlen martay marray hen aur yeh be uneeh chavloon kee rohani ulaad heh is leyeh jab jawab nahin toh chavlen hee maray ga. Yeh is kay baroon ka warsa heh.
  14. I Will Be Back Tomarrow. Right Now My Fingers Joints Hurting. Do Not Reply Please. I Have So Much More To Write Please Be Paitent. After My Response You Can Have All The Time In The World To Respond To Me And I Wont Interfere. I Want Our Discussion To Conclude On Positive And Be Civil.
  15. You wrote: I don't think anyone with an ounce of brain will contest that Shahid means is one who is Hazir as well as Nazir. This is so basic and it was so undisputed that I doubt anyone ever even concieved challenging this prior to emergence of Wahhabism in India and Deobandism. In Taskeen al Khawatir Fi Masla Hadhir wa Nazir, the refferences are presented: http://www.mediafire.com/download/it10o181lsylm8k/taskeenul+khwater.pdf Is there any stronger proof then these two verses which prove Prophet (sallallahu alayhi was'sallam) was sent as a hearing seeing type of witness: "O Prophet! T
  16. Please Do Not Respond To My Posts Until I Confirm That My Response Is Fully Complete. I Want To Make Sure We Have A Detailed And Comprehensive Dicussion On The Subject Where Your Material Is Adressed In Detail. You questioned: "Did the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi was'sallam) approve of the hearing and seeing type of witnessing if not negate it?" No Prophet (sallallahu alayhi was'sallam) did not explicitly state that he will be hearing seeing type of witness in that Tafsir. And why are you even asking me this question any way? Did I claim that this Tafsir of Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa
  17. I am not going to respond to poorly formatted none sense. Atleast format it properly make distinction between what i wrote and what you are writting.
  18. Mojooda Taliban sirf Khariji nahin har ek Wahhabi Khariji heh aur Deobandiyoon meh akhsirat be Kharijiyoon kee heh. Jis waqt America aur Saudi Arab kee in ko support huwi toh phir logoon ko pata lagay ga kay yeh logh kia hen abhi sab ghaflat kee neend sohay raho. Wahhabi aur deobandi wohi acha bana huwa heh ya joh apnay mazhab kay parchar meh laga huwa heh ya dunya kay chakkar meh ya kalashinkof nahin us kay pass. Ya kalashinkof toh ho magar kissi area meh mojooda abadi kay tanasub meh ekka duka hoon. Jab yeh thora 100% meh say 25% kay qareeb hotay hen toh phir 75% waloon ko zabiya kertay hen
  19. Mr Haqq are you going to assume we will let you get away with day light robbery? Not in here, in here we work slowly but we will definately dethrone you from throne of deception. Lets have one of the pages which you presented: http://www.islamimehfil.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=66935 Here it is written that Thanvi said wrote in Bast Al Banan: "I have not written this khabees topic which has been attributed to me in Hassam ul Haramayn and Tamheed ul Iman. I have not written in any book that the type knowledge of u
  20. I did address the hadith would you please come back to the topic and reply to me.
  21. Janab aap ko kitab say gustakhiyan nikalana per Kafir nahin kaha jahay ga balkay agar aap in ibaratoon ko Islami aur in kay likhnoon waloon ko musalman manneh gay toh zeroor aap Kafiroon meh shamil hen. Musalman honay kay leyeh kam say kam aap ko in ibaraat ka kuffria manna zeroori heh. Kamil iman ussee ka heh joh in ibarat kay likhnay waloon ko aur ibaraat ko ghair islami jannay aur ibarat ko kufria aur likhnay waloon ko Kafir. Jis ko Islam pasand heh us nay musalmanoon wala nazria rakhna heh aur jis ko Kufr us nay Kafiroon wala, Allah ka shukr heh kay ham Sunni Musalman hen aur aap ko be Mus
  22. Tumara Allah aur Rasool Lahor Highcourt heh? Allah kay Nabi nay farmaya kay anqareeb essay logh niklen gay joh essee bateh keren gay joh tumaray baap dada nay nahin sunneeh hoon gee ghaliban issee hadith meh yeh be heh kay woh insaan kay roop meh shaytaan hoon gay. Joh hamara nazriya heh woh toh saddiyoon aur hazar saal pehlay say chala aa raha heh yeh joh aap ka nazriyah kay yeh gustakhi heh aap apnay baap dada say sabat ker denh. Tumaray mazhab ka batal hona is'see say ho jata heh is leyeh insaan kay roop meh shaytaan nah bano aur Islam meh puri tara dakhal ho jaho jistera ham Musalman Islam
  23. In bicharoon ka imaan heh hee kab kay jahay ga. Joh RasoolAllah (sallallahu alayhi was'sallam) ko Shahid manay magar dekhnay sunnay wala Shahid nah manay woh essa hee Kafir heh jesay Qadiyani Kafir hen. Qadiyani RasoolAllah (sallallahu alayhi was'sallam) ko Khatam un Nabiyeen toh mantay hen magar us kay mafoom yehni aakhiri Nabi aur Nabi ko khatam kernay wala nahin mantay. Balkay unoon nay Khatam Un Nabiyeen ko aur mafoom deh mara heh jistera Wahhabi aur Deobandi Shahid kay zahiri mafoom ko chor ker aur mafoom bata aur maan rahay hen. In hazraat ka kuffaar meh shamil hona bila shak o shuba heh
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