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  1. The Book of Salah by Hazrat Allama Sayyid Shah Turabul Haqq Qadri translated into English added... http://t.co/4gg6YqM8

  2. He who has brought happiness to his Muslim fellow, Allah creates an Angel from that happiness and the Angel keeps... http://t.co/0t7rzB5f

  3. He was always engrossed in the worship of Allah. He possessed wonderful character and was very kind and generous http://t.co/67EOz7Gj

  4. Assalaamu alaikum once again we are approaching Rabi un Noor shareef ,and like previous years we will be aiming... http://t.co/ie35DUCl

  5. A beautiful page with marvelous short stories of our Prophets, Sahaba and Pious Awliya with authentic references... http://t.co/mcaIKBD2

  6. سألـت جواركم يا خير جار ؛ وإِني ارتجي نيل المرام فهِل لي في مدينتـكم قرار ؛ وهل قرب يدوم لدى المقام http://t.co/VHtpDTer

  7. Fear your enemies once and fear your friends 1000 times for when a friend becomes an enemy then he has a 1000 ways to harm you.

  8. زبدة العلماء المحققين، عمدة الفضلاء المدققين، صاحب الحجة القاهرة، مجدد المائة الحاضرة، ناشر السنة، قامع البدعة، سيدنا ومولانا أحمد رضا خان ♥

  9. It is stated in Ḥayāt e Ḥāfiz e Millat The love of Mujāhid e Millat with Hujjah tul-Islam Mawlana Ḥāmid Riḍā... http://t.co/sCCFU40g

  10. Khwaja E Hind Wo Darbaar Hai Aala TeraKabhi Mehroom Nahi Maangne Waala TeraKhuftgane Shabe Ghaflat Ko Jaga... http://t.co/CjdZCFb6

  11. Recording of Weekly Live Question & Answer Session with SulTan al-Fuqaha Sayyidi Taaj al-Shari'ah Mufti Muhammad... http://t.co/hz6cmMKu

  12. The difference between male and female salah, englishhttp://t.co/Y5qLWHuD http://t.co/UM1hhm3A

  13. a short biography on Huzur Mufassir Azam hind Hazrat Allama Ibrahim Rida Khan,Alaihir Rahmah..English... http://t.co/fAIie0BE

  14. An amazing discourse on AlaHadrat's Cogitations [Afkaar-e-Raza] by Mufti Ashraf Asif Jalali (may Allah preserve... http://t.co/A2PssVmc

  15. Entire life of #AlaHazrat was adorned with meticulous following of Shariah & Sunnah of Prophet ﷺ and his Taqwa had reached an elevated level

  16. “Someone wrote to AlaHadrat and alongside various epithets, he also wrote Hafiz. At the time, AlaHadrat w…” http://t.co/cAvFB2Rj

  17. WHO IS ALAHAZRAT ENGLISH NEW BOOK... http://t.co/ymJXdgbR

  18. Weekly Live Q/A Session with Taaj al-Shariah [On-Air] over http://t.co/Qd2KAPks http://t.co/vNoH6vIu

  19. Assalaamu alaikum once again we are approaching Rabi un Noor shareef ,and like previous years we will be aiming... http://t.co/Fdzp7wFo

  20. An excellent introduction to the life and work of AlaHazrat, Imam Ahmad Rida Khan al-Baraylawi Alaihir raHmah...... http://t.co/qlrfFuId

  21. Hay Tera Akhtar Raza Teray Karam se Be-Guma(n); Rahbar-o-Taaj-e-Shari'at, Aey Imam-e-AhleSunnat!! http://t.co/5FaG9XzJ

  22. علامة الزمان وفريد الأوان ومنبع العرفان وملحظ أنظار سيد عدنان، حضرة مولانا الشيخ أحمد رضا خان رضي الله تعالى عنه http://t.co/Fa2Z3AWx

  23. مزامیر حرام ہیں اور حرام ہرحال میں حرام رہے گا، لوگ گناہوں میں مبتلا ہیں اس کے سبب گناہ جائز ہو جائے تو شریعت کا... http://t.co/YeMWVdg6

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