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  1. jazak ALLAH brothers, ma sha ALLAH members of this forum have done tremendous works , for urdu readers you guys have provided enough materials to expose the lies of deobandies, may ALLAH ta'ala reward you guys, i would love to see if islami mehfil team starts working on english too. i'm worrying about english speaking muslims who can be brainwashed by deobandi lies, there are few like, islamieducation, but these should be regularly updated with refutations of their new lies on that deobandi site.may ALLAH ta'ala give tawfiq to our learned brothers to make it possible.
  2. assalamo alaikum members, i'm new here. i've been looking for the refuting site of the deobandi site ( ...... ) but couldn't find . i know those claims are very weak but i think we need a serious refuting site of the claims of thet site. i hope some learned brothers will take heed to it.