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  1. Yani ye fitna Molana rumi k dour me bhi paya jata tha. Isi lie Molana Rumi bhi, bad mazhabon ko smjha gye k .........
  2. SanaAli says .......14. Read Seerah/Listen to lectures about it (esp by Shaykh Anwar al Awlaki) Who is this Shaykh Anwar Al Awlaki????
  3. Please also examine this chaos & fitna. What is answer to it?
  4. Please share the supporting material, for how dangerous is this person. I've seen his relevance on social media to spread extremism in Pakistan.
  5. Recently I got a pdf link for the book "Kanzul Iman ka Tehqiqi Jaiza", by Deobandi Scholar Muhammad Ilyas Ghumman. It's full of logical fallacies and absurd allegations. I personally can point out too many fake arguments in his book, but I want the (pdf or book) link, in which a comprehensive (one to one) answer to his critics is replied (if there is any, published one or at-least at If no published answer exists yet, I'd request the scholars to handle this type of deobandi fitnas to save the public from chaos (though sensible can see how derailing and envious is that book). I'm asking it, so as I'd be able to provide the food for thought who are trapped by the Deobandi falsified believes & circular-reasoning. Jazak ALLAH.
  6. What is the 500 name list prepared by? (It doesn't matter either list include or exclude, good deeds are the always appreciated)
  7. Alfaz se yehi lgta hy k kehna chahty hain "Nabi e Karim () jo kuch kety hain apni mrzi se nhi kehty blky wo kehty hain jo unko Wahi kia jata hy"..... Warna Ikhtiyar to sb pr roshan hy "Sarwar kahon k Malik o Mola kahon Tujhy ---------------------------------- Khaliq ka Banda khlq ka Aaqa kahon tujhy" ()
  8. " Umaat kabi gumrahi pe jama nhi hogi" iss se mutaliq Hadees e Mubaraka ka Reference chahie..... ya Hadees e Pak mil jae tou bahawala send krden + Or ye Hadees b k "log Kuffar ke hwaley wali Ayaat ko Muslmano pr Chaspaan krain ge" .. Shukria! English me Chahie....!
  9. O mere BHAI me apko iska jawab deta hoon Na ye sirf Sahaba KRAM RADI ALLAH o ANHO Kay doar me manaya gaya or Na hi sirf Nabi.SALLAHO .ALAIHE..WALAIHE WASALLAM kay doar main manaya gaya.....or Na Hi sirf Imam Abu Hanifa REHMATULLA ALAIH Kay doar me manaya gaya Balkey ye tou us dor me b manaya ja rha tha jb ADAM ALAIH-SALAM ko NAAM e MUHAMMAD SALLALAHO ALAIHE WALAIHE WASSALAM k sbab ALLAH ki Qurbat mil rhi thi. SUBHAN ALLAH.