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  1. Description “Urdu Quran” is a Smartphone application made for Urdu Speaking Muslims aimed at making them better understand the Holy Quran by converting the meaning of Ayahs into Urdu Language. It also offers audio recitation and paraphrasing of the Arabic Verses directly in English to facilitate users about their correct way of pronunciation. Download Full Urdu Quran with Translation Features: Some of the exclusive features of this Quranic app are: Urdu Translation: Conversion of actual sense of Ayats into Urdu makes comprehension of their accurate implication simple. Audio Recitation: Qiraat al Quran in MP3 of all Chapters gives listeners a saintly pleasure. Transliteration: Rephrasing of the sacred lines of Quran Kareem into English lets users to get familiar with the authentic style of their articulation. Language: Apart from Urdu, Quran Translation is also on hand in numerous other languages such as English Spanish, French, Chinese, Persian, Italian, Dutch, and Indonesian. Search Bar: Supports in locating one`s preferred Surah. Go To: Facilitates in directly opening a particular Ayah of holy Chapter. Bookmarks: Lets users in keeping a specific segment of recital process for future use. Stop Signs: All the necessary stillness, silence and stop signs are also built-in in settings together with their understanding. Sajdahs: 14 prostration occasions that approaches in Quran recitation are independently stated in Settings. Font Size: Makes one capable of adjusting the dimension of the font to its fondness. Font Style: 3 different types of fonts are also included which make user interface more eye-catching. Download this free and easy to use Quranic application having Urdu translation choice so as to realize teachings of Quran in the best way.
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