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  1. I'm also sharing a book which introduced by Dawateislami. Blessings of Ramadan is very informative book in which you can read valauable information reagarding the month of Ramadan. Click the image below and download this book.
  2. Read the book Blessings of Ramadan to know the information about Ramadan. You can read this informative book online or download it from here https://bit.ly/ramadan-blessings
  3. Dawateislami has launched numerous mobile applications to spread the message of Islam in the world. Recently they developed a mobile app called Kalma and Dua. In this application, 6 Kalimas, different duas, and some Sunnat-o-Adaab are available to educate our children. It's one of the best educational apps for kids with eye-catching animations and a colorful user interface. Introduction video of Kalma and Dua mobile application
  4. Madani Channel is a renowned religious channel of Pakistan. This channel is run by Dawateislami. It is one of the unique Islamic channels where displaying of un-Islamic things like playing of music, displaying of commercials etc. is strictly prohibited. Therefore the channel has a wide range of programs watched by many Muslims every day from across the globe. For the convenient of people, Dawateislami launched a mobile application for the transmissions of Madani channel. With this mobile application people can watch Madani channel's transmission through their smartphone. This mobile app is available for both Android & iOS users, you can downloads it from their respective app stores or you can visit here.
  5. دعوت اسلامی کی پیشکش فیضان رمضان ایک معلوماتی کتاب ہے جس میں آپ رمضان سے متعلق مفید معلومات پڑھ کر اپنے علم میں اضافہ کرسکتے ہیں. اس کتاب میں آپ درج ذیل عنوان سے متعلق معلومات جان سکے گے؛ فضائلِ رَمَضان شریف دُرُود شریف کی فضیلت مہینوں کے نام کی وجہ رَمضانُ المبارَک کے چار نام رَمضان میں ذکر کی فضیلت عذاب سے چھٹکارے کے اسباب قیامت تک کے روزوں کا ثواب روزے کا مقصد .نیچے کتاب کی تصویر پر کلک کرکے اس کتاب کو ڈاونلوڈ کرسکتے ہیں. ان کے علاوہ بھی اور بہت سے عنوان پر معلومات اس کتاب میں دستیاب ہے
  6. .رمضان سے متعلق مفید معلومات جاننے کے لئے فیضان رمضان کتاب پڑھئیے. اس معلوماتی کتاب کو آن لائن بھی پڑھ سکتے ہیں اور مفت ڈاونلوڈ بھی کر سکتے ہیں
  7. It is a tech era and that's why Dawateislami is utilizing technology to spread religious knowledge across the world. In this regard, they introduced a website named Quran Teacher. It is an online Quran academy that teaches 30+ Islamic courses online to brothers and sisters. By sitting at home, you can take admission into different courses like Quran reading & memorization courses, Arabic grammar, Namaz course, Ramadan & Zakat, Hajj & Umrah, Hadith & Tafseer courses, and many others as well. You can choose class timings as per your schedule. Everyone can avail of this opportunity and start learning religious education at their home. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWjD6BAmrks
  8. Quran Teacher is another website of Dawateislami. Through this website they will teach online Islamic courses to brothers and sisters.
  9. Ap mein se kafi log is naam Dawateislami se waqif hongy aur hosakta hai in ke mukhtalif departments ke barey mein jantey hon. In ka eik department Madrasatul Madina hai, jo mukhtalif Islami courses karwate hain. Is department ne eik website Quran Teacher bhi mutarif karwai hai, jis ke zariye yeh 30+ Islamic courses ke liye online classes ki service bhi provide kartey hain. Un courses mein eik course Darse Nizami bhi hai. Is course ke 2 versions hai, dono ki details neeche mention hain. 1. Darse Nizami Complete Course Duration: 6 Years Class Timing: 120 Minutes Language: Urdu & English Available For: Male 2. Darse Nizami Short Course Duration: 4 Years Class Timing: 60 Minutes Language: Urdu & English Available For: Male & Female
  10. Detail and registration for Hadith course.
  11. Namaz Islam ka bohat hi aham rukn hai. Yeh zarori hai ke hum is se mutalliq maloomat hasil karen. Ap chahen tu is online Namaz course mein admission le saktey hain aur online classes ke zariye maloomat hasil kar saktey hain.
  12. One of the departments of Dawateislami, Madrasatul Madina has introduced a website "Quran Teacher" through which they are teaching many Islamic courses online. They also offer online classes for the Darse Nizami course and Arabic Grammar course. You can find all courses here.
  13. You can learn Darse Nizami online from Quran Teacher which is an online academy introduced by Dawateislami.
  14. The department of Dawateislami, Madrasatul Madina Online (a.k.a Quran Teacher) providing online classes for Qurbani course. In this course, you can get information related to Qurbani matters so that you can perform the responsibility of Qurbani properly in accordance with Sharia rulings. Some key features of this course are mention below. This course will give you the knowledge of conditions of Qurbani being Wajib. Ruling if the animal is slaughtered before the time. Ruling if any faults found in a sacrificial animal. Ruling about getting benefits from sacrificial animal. Detailed knowledge regarding 7 parts of persons in a sacrificial animal (Ijtima-e-Qurbani). and many other rulings.
  15. Seeking religious knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim in the same manner; a Muslim should stay clean as it is prescribed by Sharia. Therefore, Quran Teacher (a.k.a. Madrasatul Madina Online) is providing online classes for the Taharat course to the guidance of Muslim men & women. In this course you can learn; · The importance of Taharat & its excellence · The excellence of staying with Wudhu all the time · Method of purification of clothes · Brief rulings about Wudhu & Shower · The method of doing Tayammum (The substitute of Wudhu) · The points which make shower compulsory and much more information.
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