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  1. Jazak Allah O Khair Saad bhai for suggestion but i will request you to keep in mind this thread and whenever you get something related to this topic please must share
  2. Jazak Allah bhai jee - i already go through these threads your mentioned during my search they are very usefull and clear a lot of my questions but still i need more about Dr. Israr specially some audio video information jaisey Shah Turab Ul Haq sb. ke clips hain woh bohat achey hain lakin uss mein sirf mukhtasir zikar need some detail bayan
  3. AOA i am new here during some research i reached here and found these forums very informative. so i am putting one of my issue here if someone can help me in this matter. These days i am in some kind of argument with my one cousion who was sunni before but from some times he shifted to saudi arabia and now he is not sunni and joined jamat-e-islami. During our arugments he said "agur tum Dr. Israr ke Byan ul quran sun lo tu tumhien kissi alim ke pass janey ki zaroorat nahi" matlab mera sub aqeedah theek ho jaye ga etc. Basically now i am searching for some Video clips of "Batil
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