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  1. With a particular true objective to make the Muslim Ummah careful about the step by step prayer Timings and the movements occur in it on account of environmental change an application has been moved, which can be downloaded from the official website of Dawat-e-Islami. It is an application with superb features which every individual can utilize effectively. https://www.dawateislami.net/downloads/islamic-apps/prayer-times-and-qibla
  2. Masha Allah, Allah ap ko Jazaye khair ata farmaye.
  3. Masha Allah Good article on Ala Hazrat.> Imam Ahmed Raza khan barelvi, was the much-loved son of Maulana Naqi Ali Khan, who was the adored son of Maulana Raza Ali Khan, who was the dear son of Maulana Muhammad Kazim Ali Khan, who was the dearly loved son of Maulana Shah Muhammad Azam Khan, who was the treasured son of Maulana Sadat Yaar Khan, who was the dear son of Maulana Saeed-ullah Khan. The family tree and much more to learn in Karamat-e-A’la Hazrat App https://www.dawateislami.net/downloads/products/detail/57
  4. Ala hazrat app is a very fantastic mobile application designed for those Raza lovers who really want to discover the life style and history of Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi. Focusing on the efforts and sacrifices he made for the charming Ummah of the beloved Rasool. http://www.dawateislami.net/downloads/products/detail/57
  5. My Great Almighty Allah has made cure for every disease; on the other hand medication will only work if Almighty Allah wills. Thus never assume because of medicine you are cured, it is Rehman (God) who cures the sick and commands the medicine to work and cure the patient, so Ruhani ilaj is important. http://bit.ly/2iql3sU
  6. Divine cure through the mobile application Rohani ilaj is possible, which offers you some exceptional ways to improve the everyday issues. By this spiritual method Muslims can attain a normal life free from illness and resolve other day-to-day problems. http://bit.ly/2iql3sU
  7. Zehni Azmaish versatile application is a reproduction of the occasional test program broadcasted on Madani channel. The Quiz App will help in refining numerous Muslim siblings and sisters and specifically advantage them in flourishing Islamic qualities. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dawateislami.zehniazmaishquizapp
  8. Jazzak Allah, Allah hamen un k naqshe Qadam pe chalne ki tofeeq ata farmaye Ameen https://www.dawateislami.net/bookslibrary/96
  9. Read and Donwload Islamic Books free, Laws of Salah - Namaz k Ahkam Book read karne k liye visit karen. https://www.dawateislami.net/bookslibrary/96
  10. The Book “Laws of Salah”(Namaz kay Ahkam)Includes Knowledge Of Subjects Like Wudu(Ablution)and Science, Method of Wudu, Sins Wiped Away, Method of Missed Salah,etc https://www.dawateislami.net/bookslibrary/96
  11. The Book “Laws of Salah”(Namaz kay Ahkam)Includes Knowledge Of Subjects Like Wudu(Ablution)and Science, Method of Wudu, Sins Wiped Away, Method of Missed Salah,40 Madani Wills And Many More
  12. It is a very supportive guide for performing Hajj and Umrah along with solving various issues and queries on Hajj and Umrah. Further you can also learn related Dua’s (prayers) in this apps followed by images of many Sacred places which are stretched all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. http://www.dawateislami.net/downloads/products/detail?pId=51
  13. Helping others is not a distant perception to Islam. Islamic cause of volunteer is a durable moral belief of volunteerism. This does not only spread out to administrating educational groups or supervising mosques but spreads out through the whole community. http://www.dawateislami.net/careers/volunteer