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  1. اِنّا للہ و اِنّا اِلیہِ راجِعُون Allah azzwajal marhooma ki maghfirat farmaiay darjat buland farmaiy jannatulfirdus naseeb farmaiy aur lawahiqeen ko sabre jameel aur ajre azeem ata farmaiay aamin
  2. Allah pak sahat kamila aajila naafia ata farmaiay aamin
  3. Sahaba ki takfeer karnay wala ahlesunnat wal jamat say kharij nahee .. fatawa rasheedia
  4. aaitaraz karnay walay ko chahay kay sawal tafseeli aur wazah likh kar faizaneattar ask the mufti service par he pochay.
  5. اللہ عزوجل کا قرآن عربی میں ہے اور تھانوی نے ترجمہ اردو میں کیا ہے عربی زبان میں مکر کن معنی میں استعمال ہوتا ہے یہ ایک الگ بحث مگر ذرا آپ غور فرمائے ہماری زبان اردو میں مکر کیا اچھا لفظ ہے یا برا ؟ مثال کے طور پر اگر میں کہ کہوں کہ تھانوی بڑا مکر کرنے والا یعنی انتہائی مکار تھا تو کسی دیوبندی کو بارخاطر گزرے گا یا نہیں ؟
  6. Gold ka current rate malum kar lain oopar hisab kitab bhe mukammal kia howa hai bas current rate kay hisab say kar lain india kay hisab say jo hamain nahe malom wo aap waha apnay local gold shop say he pata karain.. jazak Allah
  7. Tariq jamel nay kaha yei us nay apnay he aslaf kay fatwo mai parha kay sahaba ki takfeer karnay walay kafir nahe ma'azAllah tu us kay phichlo ki bhe parh lain : http://www.islamimehfil.com/topic/1597-sahaba-ki-takfeer-kerney-wala-ahlesunnat-sey-kharij-nhin-muazallah/
  8. وھابی دیوبندی یہ بتائیں کہ عربی میں لفظ 'ٹ' کھا ں سے آیا ؟ بشکریہ جناب خلیل احمد رانا حفظہ اللہ http://www.islamimehfil.com/topic/5481-shajrah-qadriya-razviya-per-aetraz-kajawab/
  9. syedina Jibraeel alaislam ki misal say yei bataya gaya hai kay noor ka bashri labas mai dunya mai aana koi namumkin baat nahe jaisay kuch badmazhabo nay is ka inkar kia .. Sarkar alaisSalato was salam noor bhe hain aur bashar bhee in mai say kisi 1 ka bhe inkar ham nahe kartay yei wohi karay ga jo islami aqaid kay muqablay par apni aqal kay ghoray doraiay.. Iman walay tu bas kahtay hain k ham imaan laiy aur ham nay tasdeeq ki.
  10. Saeedi sahab ki post (post number 13) mai Iqrar sahab ki akhri posts ka jawab maujood hai.
  11. welcome to islamimehfil Allah azzawajal aap kay ilm o amal mai barkatain naseeb farmaiy aamin
  12. اَلصَّلٰوةُ وَالسَّلاَمُ عَلَیْکَ یَا سَیِّدِیْ رَسُوْ لَ اللہِ اشھد أن لا إلہ إلا اللہ وأشھد أن محمد عبدہ و رسولہ (al) Many congratulations to all ; The younger brother of lightlamp4 has also reverted to islam last night and his new name is Ahmad Raza may Allah azzwajal fill their heart with love of Allah azzwajal and the Prophet , make them very strong and steadfast on Islam , keep them very happy and content in both the worlds and save them from the evil designs of satan Aamin..
  13. as salam alaikum the new name for our brother lightlamp4 is Mustafa Raza
  14. اَلصَّلٰوةُ وَالسَّلاَمُ عَلَیْکَ یَا سَیِّدِیْ رَسُوْ لَ اللہِ اشھد أن لا إلہ إلا اللہ وأشھد أن محمد عبدہ و رسولہ (al) Many thanks to Allah azzwajal that He made us Muslims and in the Ummah of His beloved Prophet peace and blessing be upon him. Alhamdolillah our brother lightlamp4 has reverted to Islam. All praise to Allah , peace and blessings of Allah azzajal on our Prophet. aamin. I pray that his hearts gets brighter and stronger everyday and may Allah fills his heart with the love and respect of Prophet peace and blessings be upon him.. aamin may Allah azzwajal keep him steadfast on Iman and save Him from every evil of this world and hereafter and all of us aaamin .. may Allah keep him happy, healthy , blessed , content and succesful in both the worlds aamin.. and all of us aamin..
  15. may Allah azzwajal help you to overcome your fears , give you a lot of strength and make it easy for you to submit . Aamin reply my pm when u have time regards
  16. Thanks to Allah for that every breath is a blessing from Allah and time for us to be thankful to Him for all his blessings. if you still have any queries you can post here or pm me as you prefer. and when you are ready don't delay it. say shah'ada and submit to Allah by reverting to Islam.
  17. the prayer as mentioned in the context of my above post is making dua'a (asking Allah) as i wrote above Allah is the one who guides us all. Pray to Him to guide you to the truth and make it easier for you to accept it wholeheartedly. you can pray (make du'aa) anywhere (clean) , in any language with loud voice or slow as you like just be very sincere, respectful and humble. you also have to do your bits , research , ponder, learn about Islam , its teachings, basic rulings about day to day life and so on. read my post above again and again. its concise but i have tried to cover your question (how to get closer to Allah the most merciful) some more basic things u might find useful : Not allowed : indulging in extra marital relation, homosexuality, staying unclean (body , clothes, place) , consumption of alcohol or any other kind of intoxication(weed and all such) and eating what is not allowed to consume (Haram)
  18. Allah in the name of The Most Affectionate, the Merciful The word of Purity (kalma tayyabah) is Laa ilaaha illal Lahoo Mohammadur Rasool Ullah . which means : (There is) none worthy of worship except Allah, (and) Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is the messenger of Allah. Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is the last of all Prophets there is no prophet after him and Quran is the final testament. Thank Allah for the zest you have for finding the truth and getting closer to Allah . Remember Allah is the one who guides us all so very humbly pray Allah subhano watala to open up your heart and give you strength to submit to Him i-e revert to Islam which is the religion of our father Adam and Mother Hawwa (Eve) (peace be upon him and her) and the religion that all the Prophets propagated (like: Adam , Noah(Noe or Noach), Ibraheem (Abraham) ,Daa'ood(David), Mosa(Moses) , I'sa (Jesus) and the last of all Prophets Muhammad - Peace and blessings be upon him and all Prophets). Islam is the only way of salvation and getting closer to your Creator. The word of tesitomony/bearing witness (kalma shahada) is, * Ashahado An Laa ilaaha illal Laho Wahdahoo Laa Shareeka Lahoo Wa Ash Hado Anna Mohammadan Abdo Hoo Wa Rasoolohoo . which means (There is) none worthy of worship except Allah , the One, (there is) no partner for Him. And I testify that certainly Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is His servant and His Messenger. Remember Allah is the one to guide us all to the way of success so we pray to Him to help us succeed in this world and hereafter. The First chapter of Quran - Al Fatiha (The opening) is the heart beat of all the beleivers. Translation of Al Fatiha (chapter 1) All praise unto Allah, Lord of all the worlds. The most Affectionate, The Merciful. Master of the Day of Requital. We worship You alone, and beg You alone for help. Guide us in the straight path. The path of those whom You have favoured. Not of those who have earned Your anger and nor of those who have gone astray. Allah is the one who makes us strong He is the one the , only . there is no god except Allah..Allah is the creator everything else is creation and dependent on Allah He is the Independent. As mentioned in the translation 3rd last chapter of Quran - Al I'khlas (The Purity) Say you, He is Allah, the one. Allah the Independent, Care free. He begot none' nor was He begotten. And nor anyone is equal to Him. When you follow truth the enemies of truth try their hardes to misguide you and mislead you.Always Ask Allah's refuge from all those forces of dark. The penultimate chapter of Quran - Al Falaq (The Daybreak) contains these prayers. Translation of Al Falaq (chapter 113): Say you, 'I take refuge with the Lord of Daybreak.From the evil of all creatures; And from the evil of the darkening one when it sets. And from the evil of those women who blow in the knots. And from the evil of the envier when he envies me. You will find out that many evil designs which satan whispers in your heart and what non beleivers murmur in your ear. Very humbly pray to Allah and ask His refuge from satan and every evil, as we are guided by Allah in the last chapter of Quran - An Naas (the Mankind) Translation of An Naas (chapter 114): Say you, I came in the refuge of the Lord of all mankind; King of all. God of all. From the evil of him who whispers evil designs in the heart and slinks away. Those who whisper in the hearts of mankind. Jinn and men. --------------- Moving forward you learn more and more about Islam, Read authentic translation of quran (namely Kanzul Iman ) ,learn and implement the islamic teaching in your day to day life with best of your efforts and ability . Message me in private about your location and i will try to find a local group of muslims , islamic center , mosque where you can go to further clear your mind, enrich your knowledge and getting closer and closer to Allah (the most merciful)
  19. Welcome to IslamiMehfil . being 17 is not an issue i guess infact its a blessing from Allah azzwajal that you have this interest at such an early age. Thanks to Allah who has guided you to search for the Truth . If you are honest in your intentions in sha Allah you will find it easy to understand and accept it. You are most welcome to post your questions here and we will try to answer your queries. If it takes a little time please bear with us. Regards,
  20. Tarjuma : tum me say bahtar woh hai jo arabi main kalam karay pas na kalam karay farsi main keh woh nifaq ko janam deti hai farsi say murad ajmi zubanain hain jesa keh hadith ki dosri hadith mubarka say tafseer hojati he ... murad yehi hai keh arabi par farsi ko foqayat na di jaye .. lakin yeh masala hum par muntabiq nahi hoga keh hum ahlearab nahi hai agar humari zuban ajmi hai tu is main harj nahi lakin ahle arab ka arabi ki bajaye degar zubano ko tarjeh denay par irshad hai keh yeh bhi munafiqo ka tareqa hai keh woh ajmi zuban aisi baat kar jaye jesay aam momenen na samjh sakain tu is tarah islam ko nuqsan pohanchnay ka andesha hai warna degar zubano ka ana mayoob nahi hai aur Allah azzwjaal aur us ka Rasool alaihislam bahtar jantay hain.. Allah azzwajal koi ghalati ho tu maaf farmaaiy aamin..
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