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    exposing mardood Sheikh Amin Idreesi
  1. Acha agar ye baat hai to agar koi shakhs ye kahe k men dawa nahi karta lekin ho sakta hai Sheikh Amin aik paleed janwar hai, to aap ko is par koi aitaraz hoga? Khair, aik aur clip hai jis men ye kehta hai k: "Khuda ki qasam is waqt men sari kainaat par ghalib hun". Is par to apka yei bahana bhe gaya k wo kah raha hai k dawa nahe kar raha ho sakta hai kah raha hai... Ab kia kahenge? Pehle to "dawa nahi karta" ka keh kar jaan chhurhane ki ap ne koshish ki lekin ab to wo Allah ki Qasam khaa kar bol raha hai. Kia kehte hen? Khair aap is ka jawab zaroor dena aur mera ap se ye ch
  2. JazakAllah Shahid bhai, I was thinking to put it on IM but then we had problems with the site so after that I didn't visit the site again. Now I seem to be back. Thanks for uploading this fatwa. You can also see another fatwa which is issued from Dar ul Uloom Ghousia Karachi: http://www.islamimehfil.info/index.php?/topic/10403-fatwa-on-sheikh-amin-idreesi-from-karachi/
  3. Assalamualaikum. This fatwa was given from Dar ul Uloom Ghousia, purani Sabzimandi, Karachi. Please go through and spread. JazakAllah. Mustafa Ali Rizwi.
  4. Jahan Deobandion, Wahabion, Siasi Wahabi Partion, Imran Khan jese ghaddaron ki jarhen katt rahi hon wahan ye audio clip sunna bhi zaroori hai taake Wahabia ka phela hua network maloom hojae. That is telephonic talks of Imran Khan Wahabi of Tehreek e Insaaf and Sheikh Amin Idrisi who has claimed Prophethood (Astaghfirullah)! Imran and Ameen.wmv
  5. Have I written all those articles for my own worldly benefit as you thought? If yes then let me clarify you that I didn't get any money or villa or anything. Then why did I and my friend do all these efforts against Sheikh Idreesi? It is so that they can let others know this New Fitna that is always disrespecting holy personalities. You whole post was completely baseless and biased. You rather reflected "devotee to him" instead of "devotee to Shariah" because Mu'azAllah you think whatever Sheikh Amin is doing is according to Shariah, but you may also think that he is not bound of Shariah b
  6. Is Bhangrha (Punjabi Dance) Sunnat e Rasool Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam? Sheikh Amin claim it is so, so I need Idreesis to proof his this statement is correct according to laws. Question is quiet clear, I want to see answer here, as we've asked this in other topics but didn't receive any reply so here it is. This thread is stricly for this topic only, other matter can be discussed in other topics. May I request the moderators to please remove any Irrelevent matter that comes to this topic. Thanks. Mustafa Ali.
  7. SubhaanAllah, MashaAllah! Dear brother, welcome to Mazhab Ahle Sunnat Maslak e Ala Hazrat lovers of Ulama and Mashaikh. It is really good news, InshaAllah more and more people are getting aware of these Pathetic Idreesis. Brother, I want you to comment about those Idreesis who have listen all the clips of sayings of Sheikh Amin and if they tried to defend they got good answers but still those Idreesis belief that no matter how much Kufr he says he is still the biggest of all saints, please do comment.
  8. I need something in Audio to prove my point that he considers himself more in rutba than Hazrat Ghouse Azam even. Please let me know as soon as possible if you have any. I thot I saw once something related to that on youtube but isnt there any more.

    Kind Regards,

  9. Asslamu Alikum,

    I am a new member on this forum. I saw your posts on the topic of Sheikh Amin which were really really nice indeed.

    I just wanted to know if you have some audio evidence about him saying that MaazAllah Hazrat Ghouse Azam bus aik kahani hai aur haqeeqat say koi taaluq nahin. Mera aik dost hai who has gone Idreesi. I've shown him in writing what he said ...

  10. Does that means Sheikh sahib is Tajalli of Allah? Also, how can a Gustakh e Rasool, Gustakh e Sahabah, Gustakh e Jannat, Gustakh e Auliya o Ulama, Munkir e Ghaus e Azam, lover of Gustakh Deobandi and Wahabi Akabir, who says it is his insult to recite Quran in front of others, long-hear-women-type-dogman be having halo of Noor arround him? Can he be an "Abdullah" you are talking about who has halo of noor arround him? What nonsense is that? And also tell me, over here you can use the word "Noor" because it is used in that Kalaam you are talking about, but what will you say here Sheikh Sah
  11. Ok Mr Burhan ud Din! You too, as expected, didn't answer any of my questions. You rather exposed yourself by saying "Lanatullahi Alal Kazibin" because you too know he had claim prophethood, youtube of full of proofs just go and write "sheikh amin prophethood" and you will see many clips. And other than this, how is it possible and how can you see he didn't allow drink and women? He rather said "sins are forgiven, if you do anything again they are still forgiven" and "no more tauba now" and he also said "one who is connected his heart with me, whether he do little sins or bigger sins he is k
  12. Atleast I am better than Sheikh Amin. Alhamdulillah, because I'm not Gustakh and I didn't claim prophethood directly or indirectly. Yeah, at first you say "all are just blames no proofs" now that those are proof now you are saying "Tareeqat hai janab hota hai". Are you not saying "In Tareeqat, every Haram becomes Halal". Salat al Fajr? Sheikh Sahib even said "Today Sheikh have ordered not to offer Isha Salah, go and sleep in your houses". What now? Is that a "Tareeqat" also that can not be described? Where is Shariah gone now in the "biggest of all saints"? Yes, we've asked our Bu
  13. Wow, look what we've got here... Abdullah Taalib seeking support of a Deobandi website. That's valid for you, you're the brothers of Deobandis no doubt. Since Deobandi or other Bid'ati website links are not allowed to put in this site, so this link will be removed. You should rather bring answers here because you know your real enemies are here, looks like you are not man enough to face us here. Anyway, here goes the answers: M.M.Sharif? Who is he? When was he? What is he? Which Fiqah did he belong to? What is his family background? Where was he from? How authentic he is? Is "The His
  14. JazakAllah, bhai zara is article ko bhi parhiye aur apne comments di jiye: http://www.islamimehfil.info/index.php?showtopic=7230
  15. Barhe dinon baad aik nai tarha se Abdullah Taalib sahib ko dekha. Kiun baar baar bhaag jaate hain. Dekhain, aap khud apne zameer se aik sawal karain, kia aap ne hamare tamaam sawalat k jawab is mukhtasar se post main de diye? Nahi Nahi Nahi... Bajae jawab dene ke aap ne Sheikh Amin k mazeed kalamaat youtube par upload kar k apne hi paaon par kulharhi maar di kiunke ap ham un main se bhi ghalat ghalat baaton ki nishan-dahi karenge aur apko phir idhar udhar bhaagna parhega, upload karain shok se karain faida is main hamara hi hoga, kidhar jaenge bhaag kar akhir pakarh to honi hi hai. Aap ji
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