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  1. Honesty was one of the prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) characteristics. He was called the truthful and the trustworthy. What is honesty? Honesty is giving the people’s rights, and to keep these rights for them. Honesty is one of the basic manners of Islam, it’s a distinguish that God Has bestowed the humans. Kinds of Amanah There are many kind of trustworthy (Al-Amanh); honesty in worship, in keeping people’s properties, in responsibilities, in work, in keeping secrets, and in selling to other people. When people follow this great ma
  2. Etiquette of seeking knowledge in Islam Being Patient The seeker of knowledge should be patient, because the way of gaining knowledge is not that easy. In the meaning of the verse from surat Al-imran, Allah says: “O believers be patient, enduring and fear Allah, so that you would succeed” Allah orders us to be patient and to pray in all of our matters. Seeking Allah’s satisfaction Muslims should seek just Allah’s satisfaction and be sincere through his way to gain knowledge. He should fear of being insincere or hypocrite. Muslim should not think of people or their admiration for him becaus
  3. Learn Quran www.alazharquranteaching.com Did you ask yourself before, what Quran is? What is its importance in our life? What is the reward that I will receive if I read and memorize it ? Should I recite it in Arabic? Is learning Arabic reading hard or easy? Let’s start to answer those questions. What is the Noble Quran? Quran is the Word of Allah in both wording and meaning. Allah spoke it in a real sense and gave it to Jibril (peace be upon him) the trustworthy, then Jibril brought it down to the heart of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), so
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