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  1. Oh Great, I DOn't READ urdu! I speak and understand it...but i DOnt read it. But even if I did...what are trying to prove? EVEN IF these statements and SCANs were true...you are basing your facts on mistakes? Didn't the Prohphet s.a.w say to overlook the mistakes of your brotehrs and sisters in Islam. Khair, I'm FED UP to see people that have nothing better to do then insult each other, usually there just people that don't even pray 5x a day and have fun taking part of issues like this. Kaan ka Chaqsa I would say. Khair, may ALLAH s.w.t give us all hidayat. I'm very dissapointed to see the la
  2. No unfortunately I don't read Urdu. Guys I just figured something out....Barelwis have issues with deobandis...I was so bummed...no wonder why you guys kept backfiring! Khair, look what I found (Yes it's a copy paste...almost like SCANNING ) According to Barelvi belief Muhammad had "knowledge of the unseen" and of the deeds of all Muslims, and also had been given knowledge of all creations by Allah. He is also believed to be created from Noor or "light". (Wikipedia) ...overpraising?/shirk? isn't only Allah s.w.t. that has that knowledge? Do you guyz believe in this? Omg then YOU
  3. Salam, I was just surfing the JaAlHaq website and I'm outraged to see things like, Molana Ashraf Ali Thanvi rahimahulla and Molana Nanotvi rahimahullah and Molana Gangohi rahimahulla, may ALlah have mercy on them -Thumma Ameen, are regarde as Wahabi. When wahabis are totally against tassawuf and sufism (which is a branch of deoband) how could you make a link between them? Please read the following: (the truth is in front of you) I follow Deobandi Ulema but recently was called a Wahabi,our shaikhs Moulana Rasheed Ahmed Gangohi and Qasim Nantowi were called kafirs (about their fatwas li
  4. If you don't mind me asking is that display picture of yours the 'swirling dervishes' ?... Alright back to wahabism. Have you ever read the books of Abdul Wahab? Taking a hadith and calling stamping it to a certain group is just plainly wrong. I can't believe it. Abdul Wahab started a mouvement at a time when people where worshipping SHRINES, graves, doing things that are SHIRK! and he wanted to STOP that and made people turn to the right way. to 0Tawhid. to Lailaaha ilallah muhammad rasoolullah. sallahualayhi wassallam. Anyways, I guess Barelvis think that Wahabis are Kufr. Khair, All
  5. I speak urdu fluently, I understand it, but It's really difficult to read it written in the english alphabet. Especially if people spell things differently all the time. i.e: kia hal he, kiia haal hey, kiaa hel he...
  6. Just to clear things up, What I meant by name calling was: Wahabis= worst then dogs, blasphemies of the sort. The goal of that 'wikipedia' search was to give a clear and simple def so you could understand that we can't generalize a whole mouvement based on 2-3 people that are corrupt. I actually did make a search on that name but couldn't find out what you were referring too. Jazakallah Khair for explaining. Abu Jhal deserved that title since he was a kafir-munaffiq and hated the Porphet Muhammad sallalahu alayhi wassallam.
  7. I don't get your point...could you please clear this up for me? And btw, I just a have a little question if you clould please clear it up for me; the adherents of this forums are Sunni/deobandi/salafi wahabi/ ?? Like most of them what are they... Please clear this up for me Jazakallah Khair
  8. Jazakallah Khair for all the time you spent on this. Here are the facts: Wahabism is a name sometimes applied to the conservative 18th century reformist call of Sunni Islam attributed to Muhammad ibn Abd-al-Wahhab, an Islamic scholar from what is today known as Saudi Arabia, who became known for advocating a return to the practices of the first three generations of Islamic history. Wahhabism formed the creed upon which the kingdom of Saudi Arabia was founded and is the dominant form of Islam found in Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, as well as some pockets of Somalia, Algeria and Mauritania.It is
  9. Salam Jazakallah for this, but it doens't help much...I'm not really able to read the whole english urdu thing. Wasalam
  10. In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. I've been reading some posts from this forum and I must admit I am saddened by the harshness and hatred that is infiltered therein. The worst part was the post regarding wahabis and dog . Tell me do you guys actually believe that with this ignorant and jahil attitude you will get people to make taqleed? I am myself a Sunni -Hanafi. But I don't believe that you should go around calling people names and saying things like this. Did you ever think, if the Prophet was here at this moment and read all this...what would be
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