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  1. Zalzala in english, can be downloaded from the below link. It is a must for all those who want to know more about sunni-deobandi dispute and deobandi hypocrisy. http://www.falaah.co...67-zalzala.html Zalzala In Urdu (Takhreej Shuda with Refrences From Books Published In Pakistan) http://www.islamimehfil.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=55708
  2. saaf scan upload ka diye gau hain. Yahan mulahiza farmaein http://www.islamieducation.com/en/refutation/kufr-fatwa-from-shaykh-ashraf-ali-thanvi.html Kya aap Maktaba madiniya , lahore ka nuskha scan karnay ki zahmat kar paeyegein?
  3. Is link per scans upload kar diya gai hain. http://www.islamieducation.com/en/refutation/kufr-fatwa-from-shaykh-ashraf-ali-thanvi.html
  4. http://www.marifah.net/forums/index.php?sh...=2981&st=15 ( post 29 to post 38)
  5. Awais , please read here http://www.islamieducation.com/en/refutati...-fazle-haq.html And if you are a sincere seeker come with truth by reading original book. Do not rely on your deobandi friends who are spreading lies on internet. Also you would like to read this to see how deobandis lie openly http://www.islamieducation.com/en/refutati...ethodology.html Hope you will relaize how your friends fool public by giving wrong information . Abdullah Qadri
  6. I did not check the book. When your reply will come insha Allah we will discuss.
  7. Just to inform you, the wahabis are divided into many sects. Two major groups are MADHKHALIS AND QUTUBIS. Most pakistani wahabis are Madhkhalis . This group supports saudi rulers . This is the same MADhakhli group which has invited JEWISH owned STAR BUCKS coofee chain in Makkah al mukkarramh . Concerning your previous post, Please check Tafwiyatul Iman of Ismail Dehalvi for wrong interpretation of quranic ayats. Imam Bukhrai has narrated a statement of Sayyedina Ibn Umar rd that it is a habit of Khawarij to use those quranic verses which were revelaed for non muslims upo
  8. Lets see which are the other tribes and regions prophet has praised 1.Amr ibn Abasa said: ‘Allah’s Messenger (s.w.s.) was one day reviewing the horses, in the company of Uyayna ibn Hisn ibn Badr al-Fazari. [...] Uyayna remarked: “The best of men are those who bear their swords on their shoulders, and carry their lances in the woven stocks of their horses, wearing cloaks, and are the people of the Najd.” But Allah’s Messenger (s.w.s.) replied: “You lie! Rather, the best of men are the men of the Yemen. Faith is a Yemeni, the Yemen of [the tribes of] Lakhm and Judham and Amila. [...] Hadra
  9. Shaykh Nuh keller does not read urdu and was given wrong information by deobandis.For example shaykh nuh said Imam Ahmed Raza Khan (rh) was the first to use this term"imkan e kidhb". This is wrong , as we know it was used by the deobandis. This error along with other mistakes were highlighted long back on different forums. Also the stand which shaykh Nuh keller has taken with regard to imkan e kidhb is no where found in Ashari or Maturidi text. This was also pointed on other forums. Shaykh Nuh also wrote that the deobandi "akabir" did not deliberately wrote those statements which sh
  10. Its nice to see that wahabis are slowly relaising this fact. That is why now they are divided into many camps like Madhkhalis ( saudi supporting and against Jihad) and qutubis who are pro jihad and against saudis! Tribe of banu tamim in quran http://ahlussunnahwaljamah.blogspot.com/20...m-in-quran.html More hadiths can be provided about the tribe of banu tamim. Zul Khawasair was also from the tribe of banu tamim. Other hadith about these"bare foot naked , dumb desert people" has been given on other thread.
  11. Jazak Allah for your inputs. Brother Jeddawi it was nice to see those artciles on this forum. The fitnah of wahabism was fast spreading in the west. The Scholars of Ahlus sunnah took great measures and now the wahabi propogation has gone down. You can google" rise and the fall of salafi dawah in west". It gives some insight as to how wahabis tried to fool our revert brothers and sisters. Wahabism and love for money go hand in hand. Among the signs of the Hour mentioned by the Noble Messenger of Allah in the well-known hadith of Gibril in Sahih al-Bukhari is "when the
  12. Taleen e Noor Saheb ,kya aap urdu lughat ( dictionary) say MUJRA lafz ko matlab dekh kar usaka ma'ani yahan batla saktey hain? Agar nahee, tab insha Allah main aapki khidmat mein Scan pesh karoonga. Please note: 1) Shaykh Dabbagh ke waqaye ka jawab tafseelan diya ja chuka hai. 2) Mujra lafz wali ibarat zeray guftagu hai. 3) Ghaus wali ibarat bhee zeray guftagu hai. Sirf aap se itani guzarish hai ki MUJRA lafz ka mani URDU LUGHA se dekh kar batla dein.
  13. Hizbut tahreer is a political organisation and it has nothing to do with Ahlus sunnah. They do not believe in lone narrator reports ( khabar ahaad) . They do not believe in punishment in grave. The group has spilt up into many subgroups with each sub group claiming to represnt the ummah!. They usually target college studnets. The organisation is banned in UK. Use google search to know more about them.
  14. Mainey Quran sherif aur hadith ka zikar , Rasul Allah ke "ummi" honay per sirf isliye kiya tha taki Haqqeqat sahab ka jawab dekh sakoon! Lekin as usual , haqeeqat sahab ko koee jawab nahee sujha. Quran , sura Al araf , ayat 22-23 , adam alayhis salam ke taubay ka zikar kartee hai. Adam alayhissalam ne kafee muddatt tak bahut see duaein mangee. Yahan per un sab ka zikar hai. Jab unhonay ne nabee paak ka waseela istemal kiya tab unakee dua qubool kee gayee. Usool e tafsir----> Jab quran mein kisee waqiye ya hukm ka zikar sirf isharay sey hota hai , tab sahih hadith ki r
  15. Haqeeaqt sahab. Adam aalyhis salam ki mainey jo hadith dee thee ,usaka MATAN ( TEXT) aur ISNAD ( chain) DONON aapki pesh kardey hadith se alag hai. Ummed karta hoon yeh baat wazeh ho gayee hogee. Aap ney jo hadith pesh ki hai usmein Zayd ibn Asalam hain , zo daeef hain, jisakee wajah sey wah isanad daeef hai. Mainey jo hadith pesh kee hai , usmein zayd ibn asalam nahee hain. Dusaree baaat, apaney man sey tafseer mat pesh kijiye. Ek hadith ka mafhoom hai " agar apany man sey tafseer batao to jahannam ki aag mein jana padega" ( Ibn kathir). ( man kala fil quran bi rayeehe fatwa za
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