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  1. I guess you are like me then, we both cannot read Urdu oh well never mind, we will get there one day hopefully It
  2. Welcome back sister, missed you loads nice to see you up and running again!! Looking forward to your excellent postings, Take care love you loads!!
  3. JazakALLAH Talaa for the post!! here is something I would like to share, its when you meet someone Familiar faces we often greet Exchanging dialogue while we meet But as we gesture, respond or smile Before we speak, just think a while Welcome not with words unrewarding 'Hello', 'Good day', 'Good evening', 'Good morning' But choose to radiate peace and calm Offer a warm exchange of 'Salaam! 'And peace on you' -comes the reply Will bond our kinship and strengthen our tie To those unknown, do not hesitate We are one family in Isla
  4. MashaAllah Talaa thats really good, so brother can you read urdu?
  5. SubhanAllah Talaa, This brother is amazing, he is really good!!! InshaAllah Talaa I am going to go to a mehfil this summer, where he will be reciting Naath E Rasool
  6. A Most Beautiful Hadith Among All The Beautiful Ahadith What Prophet Muhammad answered when asked about this life and the Hereafter Khalid ibn al Wal
  7. The Holy Prophet said, "Speak the truth even though it be bitter." (Ibn Hibban)
  8. The Holy Prophet said, "Anytime you lighten the load of your servant, a reward is allotted to your scales on the Day of Judgement." (Al-Bayhaqi)
  9. The Holy Prophet said, "Anyone who sees a believer degraded, and, being able to defend him, does not, is degraded by God on the Day of Judgement." (Imam Ahmad)
  10. The Holy Prophet said, "Three practices will keep sincere your brother's love for you: greeting him when you see him; making room for him in gatherings; and calling him by the most endearing of his names." (Al-Bayhaqi)
  11. Thank you for sharing, I will print this out for my mum, looks very intresting
  12. Mubarak to all, Ek sawal tha keh, ager is month mein koi fast (roza) karna chahtha ho tho koi certain din hotha hai yah koi bhi din per is month meh fast kar sakteh hoon?
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