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  1. Assalam Alaikum

    Hope u r doing good....

    Plz find time to Listen this Speech on Rights of Parents... Thanks

    Take care

    Allah hafiz!


  2. After your latest comments i seize to continue this debate as clearly your bent on specific agenda to discredit Sheikh Amin. Ill end with prays to Allah and Darood to AKA SAW. Let they guide us and make us fallow those who are best among us.
  3. Unfortunately one after the other your fixated on a pre planed agenda. Proof after proof of your false claim are being shown in front of you, yet still you are turning blind eye. Tareekat and Shariyat are slightly different. When hazrat mosa went to kizar to understand tareekat, he went on to perform three actions, the last one was killing a young boy which would later on become too bad and would destroy the aml-e-salah of his parents. Which shariyat would allow killing of a child, yet it was done. To your bhangra allegation by Qadri, Bulleh Shah received his early schooling in Pandoke, and moved to Kasur for higher education, to become a student of the prominent professor, Ghulam Murtaza. He also received education from Maulana Mohiyuddin. His spiritual teacher was the eminent Sufi saint, Shah Inayat Qadri. Kay Bulah Nach Nach Yaar Manaya How can you call yourself Qadri and have examples of Saints in your own silsala dancing to the tunes of their Murshed, yet your baised when you see some one else practicing the same. Lastly, Sheikh Amin is Syed, anyone with claim of love for the Prophet SAW would definitely have love and respect for Syedies as well. Yet you showed no restrain and went to ultimate of even calling someone from the line of Prophet SAW as kafir. Open your eyes friends.
  4. Dear Bud, Please dont waste time with our friends. Unfortunately they dont realize that they can not stop a true Wali from doing wht Allah SWT has destined for him. Dear Anwar and likes you can try your best but followers of Sheikh Amin are on the increase and you cant stop that, come what may. When there is truth people tend to beleive and follow it. I suggest you try it as well.
  5. So its based on your interpretation of the meaning of the word, when clearly the word is used as Face and also as mercy of Allah and Rasool SAW. First you come up with Wahabi card calling Sheikh Amin as Wahabi Deobandi, which is impossible as wahabi do not believe in Tareekat. Once you got your answer you ran to backup plan of kufar fatwas based on self imposed meanings of what was said. You took one statement from a life of a wali and based your thesis. Now even you are yourself coming up with multiple interpretation of the words used but insist that you can judge which meaning Sheikh Amin was using while using these words. Unfortunately, like i said before, its all political, your addicted to power and while you see it sliping through your fingers you have gone below the belt in order to hang on to it.
  6. Unfortunately i can not continue with this conversation considering your not listening to logic anymore. so let it be you have your way and we have our way. You are more then welcome to try what ever you can to discredit my Sheikh but the truth of the matter is that more and more people are embracing Sheikh Amin not because they have no other place to go but the Noor and the Qurb of Allah and Rasool SAW that they experience in Syedi ji company. So if you plan to enjoy that company my invitation is to you as well.
  7. Gunnah Kasira par 2 gawah chahya aur Guanah Kabira par koi gawah nahin. Wah kudh hi insaf karo meray bhai. Islam ka tareeka apnao. Kya jo Kazi gawahon ka takaza karta ha aur sabot mangta ha us ki murad bachay ki si ha???? Khair na ma Qazi aur na munsif. Prove your point buddy else dont bother.
  8. Which Muslim scholar did u consult before giving kufar fatwa?
  9. 90 % of the accusations are here say. Un ka mureed na kaha?... blah blah. This is speculation not evidence. Please provide evidence for all these here say speculations. All your case is based on a story which you have provided no prove of. So please dont take all as fools and provide proof of all of your claims. (Yes its obvious i am not going to take your word for it provide me evidence).
  10. So now every idreesi is a kafir. WOW that was and original. I wonder it would be too much to ask how you have labeled thousands and thousands of people kafir on which authority. Kindly state your claim with chain of authority.
  11. Please provide evidence to all the claims hurled. Thanks!
  12. You need not to worry about my Iman as i am more then aware of its importance and how to preserve it. To hear and to See is as distinct as to be dead or alive. So buddy when you see things then there are not anything left to doubts. So please trust me when i say that to hear and to see are polls apart.
  13. Buddy i am not the one dividing people in deobandi, bralvi, ahlay-Sunnat and ahlay-Tashee. Look at the big shinny board your sitting in. When you start by characterizing people not on their Faith but on their way of practicing then surely you need not to look around at others and call them hypocrite. Belief is based on understanding and understanding is not based on which stem of islam you practice. But then again who am I to tell you all this, I am sure you already know alot which is reelecting. Regarding your claim of the thread being open since Feb 2008, well its the same time since a person from Multan becomes the Prime Minister. So important people at important positions from Multan sure pissed someone off to the extent that he had to do something about it.
  14. Dear Mustafa, Which Quran and Hadees Reference were given when you went on your propaganda rampage declaring a person Kafir? So please lets not try to give others lecture on protocols when clearly your not following it.
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