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  1. Thanks a million Chishti Qadri. Please remember in your duas, JazaAllah
  2. I need urdu script of the naat that goes like; 'Bula lo phir Mujhay...' Also is this naat written by fani fi rasul molana Ilyas attar Qadri? JazakAllah in advance.
  3. Assalam Alaikum

    Hope u r doing good....

    Plz find time to Listen this Speech on Rights of Parents... Thanks

    Take care

    Allah hafiz!


  4. Assalaamu Alaykum, Cam someone please share Durood Ridhvi(rizvi) with me please? In Arabic, and English if possible. JazakAllah
  5. Who is the author of this naat.... Naat Sarkar ki parta hoon mein Bas issi baat say ghar mein meri rehmat hogi Ik tera naam waseela he mera Ranj o gham mey bhi iss naam sey rahat hogi
  6. Assalaamu Alaykum, wr wb, Does someone have any information on Allama Maulana Dr Muhammad Rizwan Qadri sahib Al Madani, Literature, speeches etc. Does anyone know whereabout's in Al Madina Al Munawara Al Sharif they reside?
  7. Also, http://www.jafariyanews.com/2k9_news/feb/2...ms_attacked.htm
  8. I had to wait a week. InshaAllah you will get a reply next sometime. I sent my question to Dar ul Ifta AhleSunnat (http://dawateislami.net/services/askimam/urdu/udefault.aspx) Don't worry about it its maybe because of the question. If its straight forward it will get answered straight away, if not then it will take time. There are also other factors, like how many questions have been sent in that week. They may get 1 question in a certain week and 10 in the other.
  9. About Taraweeh http://www.islamieducation.com/en/roza-saw...t-taraweeh.html
  10. Assalaamu Alaykum, www.islamieducation.com I would like to know who the author is of the articles on the above website? They seem to have no name.
  11. http://sunnianswers.wordpress.com/ Mission Statement The aim of this website is to clarify the belief of Ahl al Sunnah wal Jama’ah in light of the many lies, objections, refutations and attempts to sow doubt about its ways. It aims to give concise answers and clarification to all such attempts, with links to longer articles for those who wish. This is not only to benefit the readers’ knowledge, but to make it easy for Sunni Muslims to engage in internet forums to defend their beliefs. ------ If you have any questions related to aqidah, please feel free to email us at: sunniansw
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