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  1. Aslamu alaykum What should one study first, Sarf or Nahv??? waslaam
  2. Ghair muqallids just rant and rave, no aql. They tend to repeat everything over and over again without using logic.
  3. Aslamu alaykum Could anyone provide refutation against the Shia notion that Sayyidna Umar Radiallahuanhu attacked the home Sayyidna Ali Karamallahwajhu and set the door on fire and beat up Khatoon e Jannat Bibi Fatima killing her unborn child, then dragging Sayyidna Ali karamallahwajhu by the neck so they give Bayah to Sayyidna abu Bakr Siddiq Radiallahuanhu???????? If anybody could upload any daleel, or refuting the above or provide reference from a book, it would be an honour. Jazakallah.
  4. Jazakallah, but i dont often visit bradford and i have no contact of Sayyed Shaykh Irfan Shah Mashadi, how am i going to get hold of this book??
  5. Aslaamu Alaykum, I am From the united Kingdom, I am currently studying the first part of Darse Nizami which is Sarf/Nahw and Aqeedah Tahawiyya.

  6. Aslamu alaykum which bookshop can i get it from as im from birmingham and i have tried a few shops but they dont sell this kind of book????
  7. Aslamu alaykum Who are tafzilis?? are they a new group within the shia pretending to be Sunnis??? Waslaam
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