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  1. I have heard many Ulema's of Ahle-Sunnat have criticized Dr. Tahir ul qadri. Is anyone aware of the reasons? Till today I didn't find anything wrong about him. Could this be the reason that he along with Pir Muhammad Karam Shah Al-Azhari(ra) doesn't declare wahabi's or deobandi's outright kafir's? I will be thankful if someone can provide an answer.
  2. Can anyone please tell me what is the difference between, Maturidi's, Ashari's and Athari's? And to which School of theology do most of the Pakistani's subscribe to?? I have tried to do a research on my own, but this seemed to difficult to understand. Thanks, anyway.
  3. Thank you, everyone...
  4. yeah I hope so, I've been looking for a good forum, and Alhamdulilah my search ends here. I've been through very dangerous phases, the Internet is bombarded with wahabi propoganda, and I was made to believe that the Prophet Muhammad's, peace be upon hims, parents are in hell, Astaghfirullah. So after realizing that that's wrong I started search for a Sunni forum, so here I am... May Allah guide us and bless us all.... Ameen
  5. I think Shaykh Nuh Hah Mim Keller had good intentions, but as he didn't knew Urdu, so regarding the conflict between Barelvi's and Deobandi's, he got most of his information from someone else (as I was told), but I don't think he really understood what all this conflict was about. But his intention was just to bring Barelvi's and deobandi's together. But honestly saying, that article was unintentionally inaccurate, as I think he was mis-informed regarding many issues.
  6. Can you please make a distinction between deobandi's, because as far as I'm aware there are many kinds of deobandi's, such as hayaati's and maamati's. And I don't think all the deobandi's believe in what is mentioned in your provided attachment. So we shouldn't label all the deobandi's as kafir's, but say that those who have this particular aqeedah is a kafir. I am recently studying the tafsir of Quran (Zia-ul-Quran) by Hazrat Peer Muhammad karam shah, and although he refutes the claims of deobandi's, but doesn't label them as kafirs out-right. He would talk about a particular aqeedah and mention if someone has this belief is a kafir. Thats how it should be. We should all be very careful in using this kafir word. Because these common deobandis might not have these aqaid and might not even be aware that their ulama's have/had such aqaid... For e.g in the attachment it is mentioned that Ismael dehlvi said, that Prophet Muhammad , peace be upon him, have died and turned to dust, Astaghfirullah, but if I am not wrong Hayaati's don't believe in that, which is a majority chunk of deobandi's. I hope you understand what I am trying to say... Because if every deobandi believes whatever is mentioned in the attachment, a Muslim with Iman equal to seed a would know, they're kafir. But I'm not sure if thats the case. And if there is any deobandi on this forum, can s/he enlighten me, do they really believe in all that? Anyway, I'm new to this forum, so to all.... Free DictionaryWikipediaDictionaryGoogle defineWordNetWictionaryUrban Dictionary<>0fwdgovu