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  1. Annual Urs of Marehrah Shareef Dargah "Urs E Qasmi Barkaati" is going to be organised in Marehra Sharif,U.P. India on 29,30 and 31 oct 2010. Request to attend the urs, "Meem e Madina Marehra ki qismat hai is gumbad ko us gumbad se nisbat hai Khali Jholi le kar Mangta aaye hain Hazrat e Qasim ki jaanib se Daawat hai"
  2. BIRTH : Hazrat Hasnain Miyan Nazmi was born on 6th of Ramadan, 1365 H / 4th of August, 1946 in a small town of Kasgunj, Distt. Etah, Uttar Pradesh (India). The Arabic letters of his name Syed Fadhlullah Qadri bear the year of his birth. His family name is Syed Muhammad Haider. FAMILY : Nazmi Miyan is the son of great Wali and Jurist of his time, Syed Shah Aley Mustafa alias Syed Miyan (rahmatullahi alaih). >>>Family Tree : Syed Aley Rasool Hasnain Miyan Nazmi s/o Syed Aley Mustafa s/o Syed Aley Aba s/o Syed Husain Haider s/o Syed Muhammad Haider s/o Dildar Haider s/o Syed Muntajib Husain s/o Syed Nazim Ali s/o Syed Hayatunnabi Tatu Miyan s/oSyed Husain s/o Syed Abul Qasim. Nazmi Miya Sahab is married to Syeda Amena Sultan, from the family of Ghaus-e-Azam in 1973. who has given him three sons, First Son Syed Sibtain Haider, Second Son Syed Safi Haider, Third Son Syed Zulfiqar Haider. EDUCATION : Hasnain Miyan Nazmi Sahab received his early education in the traditional Maktab of the Dargah. He learnt the Holy Quran from Hafiz Kalloo of Marehra and basic Persian from his uncle Syed Mustafa Haider Hasan Miyan. His father Syedul Ulema brought him to Bombay where he received his primary education in Hashmiya High School. He was brought back to Marehra in 1958 and got admission in the M.G.H.M. Inter College, Marehra where he completed his intermediate and left for Delhi to take up higher studies in Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. Nazmi Miya Sahab graduated from the National Islamic University of Delhi, the Jamia Millia Islamia with English literature and Islamic Studies as his main subjects of studies., Nazmi Miya Sahab appeared in the Union Public Service Commission exam for Indian Information Service (IIS) an allied service of the Union Government. WORKS : As an author Nazmi Miya Sahab has got a remarkable record. Nazmi Miya Sahab penned over 36 books in English, Urdu and Hindi covering different branches of Islamic Studies. Nazmi Miya Sahab earned a name in writing poems in praise of the Holy Prophet and other great seers. Nazmi Miya Sahab has published several compilations of his poems. The most remarkable contribution of Nazmi Miya Sahab’s pen is the Hindi translation of the Holy Quran. Nazmi Miya Sahab has also written an encyclopedic dictionary of the Glorious Quran covering first 2 ½ chapters of the Holy Book. This commentary in English entitled Nazm-e-Ilahi has been included in the curriculum of several Madarsa in UK and Malavi. Nazmi Miya Sahab has also written a handbook entitled ‘Islam the Religion Ultimate’. Besides, his books ‘Destination Paradise’, ‘Gateway to Heaven’, ‘The Great Beyond’ ‘The Way to Be’ are in regular circulation among Sunni circles. Nazmi Miya Sahab’s Urdu book ‘Kya Aap Jante Hain’ is a wonderful book on Islamic knowledge and is included in the syllabus of many Islamic Madarsas all over India. The Hindi translation of the book is also available in the market. Nazmi Miya Sahab, like his father, is the Sajjadah-Nasheen and Mutawalli of the Dargah Syed Shah Barkatullah rahmatullahi alaih in Marehra. Nazmi Miya Sahab is a multi-lingual man with a close access to Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Hindi, English, Gujarati, Sanskrit and Marathi languages. >>>Books written by him : 1. Kalamur Rahman–Hindi Translation of Kanzul Iman Khazainul Irfan. 2. Mustafa Jaan-e-Rahmat – Brief biography of the Holy Prophet. 3. Shan-e-Naa’t-e-Mustafa 4. Mada-ih-e-Mustafa (Collection of Naa’t) 5. Asrar-e-Khandan-e-Mustafa –Translation of a Persian Manuscript. 6. Tanvir-e-Mustafa – Naa’t Collection. 7. Irfan-e-Mustafa – Naa’t Collection. 8. Nawazish-e-Mustafa – Naa’t Collection. 9. Mustafa se Aley Mustafa Tak. 10. Mustafa Se Mustafa Raza Tak. 11. Mustafa Se Mustafa Haider Hasan Tak. 12. Qurani Namaz v/s Microphony Namaz.(Urdu) 13. Qurani Namaz v/s Microphony Namaz (Hindi). 14. The Great Beyond. 15. Nazm-e-Ilahi (English Commentary on Surah Baqarah) 16. Gustakhi Maa’f (Essays in Hindi) 17. Ghar Aangan Milad (Short) 18. Ghar Aangan Milad. 19. Zibh-e-Azeem. 20. The Way To Be. 21. Kya Aap Jaante Hain. 22. Islam The Religion Ultimate. 23. Destination Paradise. 24. Gateway to Heaven. 25. In Defence of A’alahazrat. 26. Fadhl-e-Rabbi (travelogue in Urdu) 27. Fadhl-e-Rabbi (travelogue in Hindi) 28. In Defence of Sab’e Sanabil. 29. Qaseeda Burdah (Explanation in Urdu, English and Hindi) 30. Kitabus Salat (English) 31. Nai Roshni (Hindi Translation) 32. Ba’d Az Khuda. (Naa’t Collection) 33. Kya Aap Jaante Hain (Hindi) 34. Chhote Miyan. 35. Umar Qaid (Urdu Translation of Gujarati Classic) 36. Aag Gaadi (Urdu Translation of Gujarati Classic) 37. Lulu (Social Novel) 38. Tihattar Mein Ek (Hindi Translation) >>>As a Poet : Nazmi Miya Sahab is known as the Hassanul Hind of India. He is also known as the reflection of Raza’s Poetry. Nazmi Miya Sahab earned a name in writing poems in praise of the Holy Prophet and other great seers. Nazmi Miya Sahabhas published several compilations of his poems. In 1985 he performed his first Hajj along with his mother and mother-in-law. On his return, he compiled a collection of his Naa’ts, poems in praise of the Holy Prophet. The collection was entitled “Madaeh-e-Mustafa”. Nazmi Miya Sahab is a versatile poet both in Urdu and Hindi. Also he has written a Sanskrit Naa’t in praise of the Holy Prophet. The first line of the Naa’t goes like this: “Koti Koti Pranam Nat Mastak Sakal Praja Janam.” Here is an English Naa’t composed by Nazmi Miya Sahab: Call Me to Taibah • O My Master, Call Me to Taibah • Soil of Madina Will Surely Cure My Ailments, • Fire of Separation Burns Me All the Time, • Be Sacrificed At your Sacred & Pious Feet, • Yearning to Behold Your Bright Green Dome, • I’m in Disaster, Call Me to Taibah • Swifter and Faster, Call Me to Taibah • I Can’t Live Hereafter, Call Me to Taibah • My Mother & Father, Call Me to Taibah • Nazmi Miya Sahab Your Admirer, Call Me to Taibah
  3. BIRTH : Hazrat Sheikh Aboobacker Ahmad Musliyar was Born in Kanthapuram, a village in Calicut District of Kerala (India), on Wednesday 1 Safar 1358 A.H./ 22nd March 1939 in peasant family of 'Alangam Poyil', the much popular and better known A.P. FAMILY HISTORY : His father, Mouthariyil Ahmed Haji, was very pious and so was his mother, Kunheema Hajjumma, who was the daughter of Kuttoosa Molla, a teacher of Qur-An in the locality of Mangad, where reaches the family routes of his father too. EDUCATION : He completed his elementary studies from A.M.L.P. School of Kanathapuram, where both Islamic and public instruction system co existed. Later he completed his higher Elementary education. Kanthapuram completed his course in Qur'An studies from Vennakkode Abdulla Musliyar, who was a scholar and qari'a, (one who recites Qur An phonetically). He persuaded his studies in the Darses (the form of schools exist in mosques for religious and spiritual education) of Kanthapuram, Vavad, Kolikkal, Chaliyam and Thalakkadathur. He was awarded the degree of Moulavi Fadhil Baqavi from the renowned Islamic study centre of Baqiyath Swalihath, Vellore, in 1963. Starting his career as a Mudarris, (Principal of Dars) at the Juma Masjid of Mangad (Elettil), in 1964, he served the same in Kolikkal Juma Masjid between 1970-76 and in Kanthapuram Juma Masjid during 1976 to 1981. WORKS : Sheikh Aboobacker bin Ahmed is versatile personality of scholar, orator, writer, organizer, educationist and fore-fighter of social revivalism. He is the General Secretary of the All India Sunni Jumiyyathul Ulema. He is an influential person among the Sunnis of the Kerala. He has opened a charitable and educational institution in Karanthur, Calicut Kerala. He was appointed as a member of the NAC for the implementation of the RTÉ act in 2010. >>>Books Written by him : In Arabic • Ismathul Anbiya (عصمة الأنبياء) • Assiyasathul Islamiyya (السياسة الإسلامية) • Al Vahdathul Islamiyya (الوحدة الإسلامية) • Al Ithibau wal Ibthidau (الاتباع والابتداع) • Riyadhu Thalibeen (رياض الطالبين) • Idharul Farah Wassuroor bi Meeladi Nnabiyyil Mabroor (اظهار الفرح والسرور بميلاد النبي المبرور) • Almoulidu Rraviyy (المولد الروي) • Tha'adeemul Akabir wahthiramu Sha'air (تعظيم الأكابر واحترام الشعائر) • Faidanul Muslsalath Fee Bayanil Ijazah Al Muthadavilah (فيضان المسلسلات في بيان الاجازة المتداولة) • Tariqathu thasawwuf (طريقة التصوف) • Al Barahin ul Qat’iyyah fir Raddi Alal Qadiyaniyyah (البراهين القطعة في الرد على القاديانية) • Adillathu Salatit Tarawih (أدلة صلاة التراويح) • Eesal ut Tawab Li Inqaz il Mayyiti Min al Eqab (ايصال الثوب لإنقاذ الميت من العقاب) Other Languages : • Islam and Qadiyanism • Women and Prayer • A Complete study about Ahle Sunnah • Tolerance in Islam • The Hajj • Thoughts of the Muslim World • The Group Prayer after Namaz • A Comprehensive Study about the Spirituality in Islam. >>>Hazrat as a Social Reformer : As a social and humanitarian activist, Sheikh Aboobacker bin Ahmed is a role model. Those different orphanages run by him adopt the poor and orphan students of either ###### and provide them with free food, accommodation and education. They are supported until they complete higher education and attain a self-stand. The Thurkiyya Orphanage, in the Markaz campus Karanthur, alone shelters more than 10000 students. Markaz do have projects to protect and look after those men who are affected by natural calamities and riots. Those deprived and orphaned due to the earthquake in Andaman & Nicobar Islands and the suburban provinces of India and Pakistan, are educationally fed in Markaz. Markaz shelters and provides with education to more than 600 Kashmiri students, who are either orphaned or denied of education because of the endless and year long fights. Kanthapuram is famous in India and more in Arab countries by the title "Abul Aytam", meaning 'the Father of Orphans', for the unmatched services he rendered to the orphans and destitute. >>>Shariah Court The decision to establish the shariat court for speedy and fair settlement of family disputes as well as issues affecting the Muslim community was announced recently in Mangalore by Kanthapuram Aboobacker Musaliar, Sunni leader and general secretary of the Sunni Scholars’ Organisation of India. A spokesperson quoted Musaliar as saying that the proposed court would be bound by existing laws and legal luminaries were being consulted for its formation. A committee would be formed soon for the purpose. >>> Sunni Students Federation The Sunni Students' Federation (SSF) is a youth movement which originated in Kerala in 1973 under the patronage of Kamarul Ulama Sheikh Aboobacker Ahmad (Kanthapuram). Currently, the SSF is active across India with offices in Kerala, Hyderabad, Banglore, Tamil Nadu, Mumbai, New Delhi, and U.P. SSF works for the educational and social development of the territory. The SSF has established computer labs to provide computer literacy education and training for Indian residents. RISALA WEEKLY is published under SSF state committe since 1983. In 2009, the RISALA was also published from UAE, SAUDI ARABIA, QATAR, KUWAIT, OMAN and BAHARAIN under the title 'GULF RISALA'. AWARDS : • Award for the best social worker in the world by Darul Islam academy Rasal Khaima, UAE in 1992. • Indian Islamic Centre Award 2000 for the best social cultural and educational worker in India. • International Islamic Personality Award by Indo Arab Foundation UAE in 2006. • Islamic heritage award for his service to protect Islamic culture and heritage, by Jeddah (KSA) based Islamic heritage,2009,January. >>>Seminars and Conferences : His representation of the Indian Muslims on the international stages includes; >The Peace Call of Shari'a Conference organized by the Sri Lankan Shari'a Council, Colombo, 13 & 14, June, 1998. >Hazrat has been invited to the annual Milad Conference of the Al Azhar University, Egypt, for the past 13 years. >He enjoyed the 'Special Guest' invitation in the years 2005, 2006 and 2007, by the President of the United Arab Emirates in the Holy month of Ramadan.
  4. BIRTH: Huzoor Shah Syed Turab ul Haq Qadri was was born on Friday 27 Ramadan 1363 H/ 15th of September 1944, in the city of Hyderabad, India and his family moved to Pakistan following the Partition of India. HIS POSITION IN THE SILSILA: Peer e Tareeqat Rahbar e Shariat Syed Shah Turab ul Haq Qadri (Damat Barkatuhumul A’aliyah) is the Khalifa of The Reviver of 15th century Huzoor Mufti e Azam e Hind. FAMILY HISTORY : His father was Syed Shah Hussain Qadri , who belongs to Syed family and his mother belongs to Farooqui family. He migrated to Pakistan in 1951. Shah sahib became mureed of Huzoor Sarkar Mufti Azam Hind, younger son of Sarkar Ala Hazrat by post in the 1962 and himself went to Bareli shareef in the year 1968. During his visit to Barelly shareef he stayed at the place of his highness Huzoor Sarkar Mufti Azam Hind for 13 days. WORKS : He has served in various capacities in government including the education sector, and in parliament. Shah Sahab is founder of religious schools and organizations, as well as a NGO to help Sunni Muslims. Shah sahib qibla has granted his khilafat to his son Allama Syed Shah Abdul Haq Qadri noori. BOOKS : Shah Sahib is also an author of many books. Such as • Zia ul hadees, (ضیاء الحدیث) • Jamal a Mustafa (جمالِ مصطفےٰ صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم) • Tassawuf O Tareeqat (تصوف و طریقت) • Dawat O Tanzeem, • Falha E Dareen, • Khwateen Aur Deene Masaill, • kitab us Salat, • Masnoon Duain, • Tafseer A Surah Fateh, • Islami Aqaid, • Huzoor ki Bacho Say Muhabat, • Sana a Sarkar • Mazarat a Aulia Aur Tawassul . • Imam Azam, • Fazail a Sahaba Aur Ahle Bait, • Tehreek Pakistan May Ulma Ahlesunnat Kakirdar etc. • Rasool-e-Khuda Ki Namaz • Haj ka Masnoon Tareeqa Listen Thousands of Questions answered by Shah Sahib, - http://www.ahlesunnat.net/your-questions.php - Speeches by him- http://www.alahazrat.net/media/speaker/hazrat-allama-maulana-syed-shah-turab-ul-haq-qadri/4/
  5. BIRTH : Ameen e Millat Huzoor Ameen Miyan Barkati Hussaini was born in Marehrah, A small town in the province of Uttar Pradesh (India). A town known as the heart throb of Millions of Sunnis worldwide. FAMILY : Ameen e Millat is the son of Famous Sufi of Marehrah, Ah’sanul Ulama Hazrat Ah’san Miyan Barkati. Moreover He comes from a noble syed Family of Marehrah, which produced many great personalities of Islam including Hazrat Syed Shah Barkatullah, Hazrat Syed Shah Aley Ahmad Achchey Miyan, Syed Shah Aley Rasool Ahmadi (Murshid of A’ala Hazrat), Hazrat Shah Abul Hussain Ahmad-e-Noori alias Miyan Sahab (Murshid of Mufti e Azam Hind). Marehrah tomb is amongst the rarest of the world in which seven Qutub are buried under one roof. EDUCATION : After completing P.hd, Ameen e Millat is now a professor in the Urdu department of Aligarh Muslim University (Aligarh, India) HIS LOVE FOR A’ALA HAZRAT : Amin E Millat, Syedi Sarkaar Amin Mian Mahrehrawi writes, "Noorie dada, my murshid e haq, the crown of scholars, Syed Shah Aulad E Rasool Muhammad Mian Qadri Barkati radiallaho ta'ala anho and my father Syedul Ulema sacrificed their whole lives to proclaim and spread the Maslak of Ala Hazrat. Each child of the family of Barkaat is a slave of Ala Hazrat. Whether we have a private gathering or a public gathering, our habit and practice is to propagate Maslak E Ala Hazrat. WORKS : He has been ranked 44th in the list of 500 most Influential Muslims of the world in the year rating 2009,by the Amman, Jordan-based Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre in collaboration with the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at the Georgetown University, Washington DC. He has working for the educational uplift of the Muslims of India, and started a chain of educational institutions in India with the prefix Al-Barkaat. >>>Al-Barkaat Educational Society : The Society seeks to provide quality education to all sections of the society, particularly the Muslim community. It first started a Public School and then established Al-Barkaat Institute of Management Studies. Being a non-profit organisation, Al-Barkaat Educational Society provides an ideal infrastructure and other facilities to students and a congenial environment for teaching and learning. Visit at- http://www.abie.in/ - >>>Aims and Objectives • To establish institutions for social, cultural, educational, moral, technical and societal uplift of the country. • To establish and maintain educational institutions from Nursery to Diploma /Degree level; • To explore and open avenues in job oriented training to generate self- employment for women and less privileged people; • To establish and run minority coaching centres for competitive tests / examinations; • To affiliate institutions of the Society with relevant bodies; • To grant financial assistance and award scholarships to deserving students; • To promote tolerance, communal harmony and goodwill among various groups of people; >>>Muslim Student Organization (MSO) : Ameen e Millat is Patron in chief of MSO of India,a students organization of Muslim Youths of India. Muslim Students’ Organization of India (M.S.O) is Student and youth wing of Ahle Sunnat wal Jama’at of India. MSO was established in Aligarh in 1977 by the Some Sunni Teachers and Students of Aligarh Muslim University.Later it was registered in 1993 in Calicut Kerala. It has a Well Connected network with all the Prominent Sunni Scholars Of India. Its Functions are based on Ishq-e- Rasool and Muhabbat-e- Rasool (Salallaho alaihi Wassalam). It guides the Muslim Students on the path of Sahaba-e-Kiram and Aulia-e-Kiram. It is a non political religious organization founded with the aim to spread the true teachings of Quran and Sunnah throughout the country. It is a registered society and its branches are spread all over country. Official Website of MSO- http://www.msoofindia.org/
  6. Hum Khaak hain aur khaak hi maawa hai hamara Khaaki to wo Aadam Jad e A'ala hai hamara Allah hume Khaak kare apni talab me Ye khaak to Sarkar se Tamgha hai hamara Hum Khaak udayenge jo wo khaak na payi Aabad RAZA jis pe Madina hai hamara
  7. Kilk-e-Raza hai Khanjar e Khoon khwar Barq baar..A'ada se kah do Khair manaein na Shar karein...

  8. Assalamu Alaikum WaRahmatullah

  9. Yaum e Wiladat e A'ala Hazrat Azeemul Barkat Imam e Ahle Sunnat Ash'Shah Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Qadri Barkati (Alaih Rahmat o Ridwan) tamam ahle Sunnat ko bahut bahut Mubarak "Tune Roshan kiye sunniyat ke diye Ae Bareilly ke Shah teri kya baat hai"
  10. Oooopsss...so sorry mene attaria ke signature ko sher samjhan...isliye galti se noon ne naat post kar di...sorry!
  11. Nematein bant'ta jis samt wo zeeshan gaya Sath hi munshi e Rahmat ka qalamdaan gaya Le khabar jald ki ghairon ki taraf dhyaan gaya Mere Maula mere Aaqa tere qurbaan gaya Aah wo aankh ki Nakaam e Tamanna hi rahi Haay wo dil jo tere dar se pur armaan gaya Dil hai wo dil jo teri yaad se Ma'moor raha Sar hai wo sar jo tere qadmo pe Qurbaan gaya Unhe jana unhe mana na rakha ghair se kaam Lilllahil Hamd main duniya se musalmaan gaya Aur tum par mere Aaqa ki inayat na sahi Najdiyon kalma padhane ka bhi ahsaan gaya Aaj le unki panaah aaj madad maang unse Phir na manenge qayamat mein agar 'maan' gaya Uff re munkir ye badha josh e ta'ssub akhir Bheed me haath se kambakht ke imaan gaya Jaan o Dil hosh o khirad sab to Madine pahunche Tum nahin chalte 'RAZA' sara to samaan gaya -A'ala Hazrat Azeem ul Barkat Imam e Ahle Sunnat Ash'Shah Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Qadri Barkati (Alaih Rahmat o Ridwaan)
  12. Aa kuch suna de Ishq ke bolon me ae Raza Mushtaq Tab'a Lazzat e Soze Jigar ki hai
  13. Assalamu Alaikum Bhai, Bahut behtar jawab diya aapne..Jazak Allah doosra ilzam- Maulana Ahmad Raza Khan Barelwi He claimed that even though Mughal and Pathan are Ashraaf they are not the Kufu of Syeds. He went on to write, “The original good (communities) have good qualities (and manners) and it is the opposite among the razeel. It was due to this that rulers of the past did not allow the Razeel to get too much education. Now see how the barbers and manhars have spread the various forms of fitna by acquiring education…” [reference; almalfuz ; unwan: Mushl asl se khta nahi aur kam asl se wafa nahi ;1/104] Mulana zalil cast ko talim hasil na karne dene ki koshis kar rahe hai’n, lekin agar koi aadmi chori chupke ya kisi tar’h ilm hasil kar bhi le, tab bhi vo Maulana Ahmad Raza Khan ke nazdik badi zaato ke barabar na hoga. Mulana ne inki imamt me bhi kami nikalne ki kosis ki hai.
  14. Ek wahabi ne aitraz kiya- Maulana Ahmad Raza Khan Barelwi was so respectful towards the Syeds that he wrote that even if a charge of theft and fornication is proven against a Syed, the Qazi shouldn’t have the Niyyah of applying the ‘Hadd.’ Balki dil me ye niyat rakhe ki shazade ke pairon me kichad lag gayi hai ise saaf kar raha hun. (reference :;almalfuz ; unwan: agar sayed par had sabit ho to qazi Had lagayega magar saza ki niyat se nahi 3/56,55- Murattab – Maulana Mohammad Mustufa Raza Kahn Barelwi bin Ahmad Raza Khan Barelwi-Qadri Kitab Ghar Islamia Market-Bareli Sharif U.P- Published 1995) Jabki is tarah ka hukm Quran ki kisi Ayat ya kisi Hadis me nahi hai.Balki Bukhari Sharif me hai ki Nabi (s.a.w) ne farmaya “Us zaat ki qasam jiske haath me meri jaan hai, agar(Muhammad ki beti) Fatima (r.a) bhi yeh(chori) karti to mai uska bhi haath kaat leta.” (Bukhari : Kitabul Hudud; Baab 12) Is waqye ka pasmanzar ye hai ki ek baar ek maldar kabile ki ek Khatoon ne chori ki jis par Aap (s.a.w) ne haath katne ka hukm diya to logon ne kaha ki hazrat Usama bin Zaid(r.a) Aap(s.a.w) se bahot kareeb hain un se shifarish karane par had muaf ho sakti hai. Jab hazrat Usama bin Zaid (r.a) ne aap (s.a.w) se sifarish ki to aap(s.a.w) ne kaha ki tumse pahle ki log sirf is liye halak ho gaye ki wo Garibon par had lagate the aur amiron ko chod dete the (iske baad unhone upar ki baat kahi) To mera kahna ye hai ki islam me cast system nahi hai aur Maulana Ahmad Raza Khan Barelwi cast system (ek unislamic)ka support kar rahe hain. Iska tafseeli jawab chahiye
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