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  1. Request To My Shia Brothers I know today majority of shias are misguided and are being inspired by some fake alims I want to make it clear that madhabe jafari(ahle tashaee) never ever allows rediculing any shaba(ra) and khulafae rahidin(ra) are the best of the sahabas The 6th shia imam Jafar sadiq(as) says: " I am disgusted with the person who does not remember abu bakr and umar(ra) with goodintentions Every sahaba has his own status and comparing them is graveous sin, and abusing the sahabas of rasul(saws) is attacking the pride of huzur(saws) I myself being a shia know the status of khulafae rashedin(ra) and can never dare to redicule them I will pray for every misguided brother Jazakallah khair Wassalamo alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu
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