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  1. Bhai jaan you are right about zulkarnain but there are disputes of him being alexander the great. many scholars differ on this issue.
  2. Dear beloved ashiqueen of Aqa e do alam(sallal lahu alaihi wasallam) sunita williams went into space in the year 2007 and the images shown of Makkah shareef are too old maybe before 2000 but for sure they are before the year 2007.
  3. Jamia Nizamia also gave a fatwa regarding the amount of expenses during Milad Un Nabi(sallal lahu alihi wasallam) should be minimum. They are not a leading institute in sunni branch. Cross the boundaries of hyderabad you may not hear anything about Jamia Nizamia at all. All their ulemas only brag about nizamia being the leading institute of islmaic studies in the whole country but they do nothing to safeguard the sunni beliefs of people of hyderabad. Maybe they also compare Jamia Al Azhar proclaiming that Nizamia was established long before Al Azhar.
  4. Do you have any proof of what you are saying ?? I like music too
  5. Assalamu alaikum. Dear beloved Ashiqeen Of Aqa e do alam Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) the work done in this site is marvelous and great every detail and in a very precise manner available here but one thing dissappoints me that allt he work done here and the tinformation about various topics are only available in either urdu or the biographies are in the video type lectures. Please I humbly request the administration staff and the moderators to do work also in english. As we are fully aware that not all muslim brothers and sisters know Urdu. I personally think that there are many things that have such an imporatance that every muslim needs to know. Thank you. I once again appreciate the work done in this site and the active participation of all the members here. Jazakallah. Assalamualaikum.
  6. If it wasn't Alaa Hazrat's (Allah is pleased with him) line, where is his "Maqta" in that naat? There are other lines written as Tahdeeth-e-Ni'mah which are very similar to the above one, what about them? Mufti Mujeeb Ashraf spent most of his time with Mufti Azam-e-Hind and he mentions meanings of Ala Hazrat's lines told to him by Mufti Azam-e-Hind. Allah says in the Qur'aan "And the gifts that Allah has given to you, show them to others", Alaa Hazrat was indeed a very humble person, at the same time he was very thankful for the gifts that Allah gave to him. Tahdeeth-e-Ni'mah is a way of thanking Allah, in a hadith the Prophet (peace be upon him) says that if Allah has given you wealth then show it because Allah likes it to be shown apparently (Aw kama Qaala). Alhamdu Lillah, yesterday i picked up Hadaa'ik-e-Bakhsish and read the "Ta'aaruf-e-Imaam Ahmed Raza" written in the beginning by Allama Muhammed Haneef Khan Razvi from Barelvi. He has also written that the line "Mulke Sukhan Ki Shahi......." is a line that Ala Hazrat wrote himself. Pick it up and have a look! Now, if you are saying that Alaa Hazrat didn't write that line and never did Tahdeeth-e-Ni'mah, then what do you say about the following lines: Mahsoor Jaha Daani Wa Aali Mai Hai Kya Shubha Raza Ki Bay Mithaali Mai Hai! Kiss Muh Se Kahoo Rashke Anaadil Hoo Mai Sha'ir Hoo Faseeh Bay Mumathil Hoo Mai! Teri Dozakh Se To Kuch Cheena Nahi Khuld Mai Pohcha Raza Phir Tujh Ko Kya! Woh Raza Ke Neza Ki Maar Hai Ke Adu Ke Sine Mai Gaar Hai Kise Chaara Joyi Ka Waar Hai Yeh Waar Waar Se Paar Hai! Kilke Raza Hai Khanjare Khookhaar Barq Baar, Aadaa Sai Kehdo Khair Manaaye Na Shar Kare! Yahi Kehti Hai Bulbule Baage Jinaa Keh Raza Ki Tarah Koi Sahre Bayaa Nahi Hind Mai Waasife Shaahe Huda Mujhe Shokiye Tab'e Raza Ki Qasam!! All the above and manymore Ash'aar written by My Alaa Hazrat are absolutely without example, all written by himself. If anyone wants to see them, pick up Hadaa'ik-e-Bakhshish! They were all written as Tahdeeth-e-Ni'mah! *i copied and pasted a lot of it
  7. mufti zahid husain al-qadri says this is a false story as does Ashraful Fuqah Mufti Mujeeb Ashraf sahab, a great scholar in India who spent most of his youth with Mufti Azam-e-Hind (Allah is pleased with him). He said that the story about Daag Delwhi has no base and is not true and this was Alaa Hazrat's (Allah is pleased with him) line.