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Found 5 results

  1. Faizan e Ilm Allah Pak ke Aakhri Nabi Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ aik sahabi se guftagu farma rahe the keh Aap ﷺ par wahi aayi keh is sahabi ki zindagi ghanta bhar baqi reh gayi hai. Yeh waqt asr ka tha. Huzoor ﷺ ne jab yeh baat us sahabi ko batai to unhon ne betaab ho kar iltija ki. “Ya Rasool Allah ﷺ! mujhe aise amal ke bare mein bataye jo is waqt mere liye sab se behtar ho” to Aap ﷺ ne farmaya: “Ilm e deen seekhne mein mashgool ho jao” chunanche woh sahabi ilm e deen seekhne mein mashgool ho gaye aur maghrib se pehle hi un ka inteqal ho gaya. Ravi farmate hain keh agar ilm e deen se afzal koi amal hota to Allah Pak ke Aakhri Nabi Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ ussi ka hukum irshad farmate. (Tafseer e Kabeer)
  2. The following discussion took place here: #1 (please click to view the thread). The discussion on Hadhir Nazir (i.e. Shahid/Witnessing) of Prophet (sallallahu alayhi was'sallam) branched into two discussions. The main Urdu discussion was between learned and honourable brother Khalil Rana and our equally learned and honourable brother Saeedi and our Deobandi antagonist, Haq3909. May Allah reward both of them for their effort and elevate their ranks, Ameen, and guide brother Haq3909 to the understanding of Islam, Ameen. The English discussion was between my self and Mr Haq3909. It is essential that some back ground information is provided so readers have a beginning point and clear image from which they can begin with. The objective is not to gloss over my personal faults and highlight Mr Haq3909's faults but merely to represent both understands as neutrally as possible. Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) states that Prophet (sallallahu alayhi was'sallam) has been sent as a Shahid (i.e. Witness or Hadhir & Nazir) and in another verse it states he has been sent as a Shahid upon you (i.e. Muslims/Mankind). The Deobandi's and Wahhabi's believe Prophet (sallallahu alayhi was'sallam) is not a seeing/hearing type of Shahid. Instead he will bearing witness on the day of judgment on events which he has not seen/heard but has been informed in the Quran by Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) that following things have taken place. On the opposite the Ahle Sunnat Wal Jammat all over the world believe that Prophet (sallallahu alayhi was'sallam) was sent as a Shahid upon us therefore he is hearing/seeing type of witness and he will bear witness to events which he has seen/heard. From this main disagreement other understands branch of but it is not important to point them out because the readers will get to read them as the discussion develops. Here I will be quoting all the material quoted by brother Haq3909 and material which is written by me in response to him. Note at the end of it each post will have a blue number if you click on that it will take you to the original post and you can verify yourself if the material is quoted honestly and truthfully. I would advise the readers to note which out of us two has actually answered the points and who has avoided answering the crucial aspects of the discussion. At the end of dicussion there will be oppurtunity for the readers to question myself and Mr Haq3909. Note I will explicitly state when the dicussion comes to an end so until then avoid commenting. As addition of others commenting will only make the dicussion more complex and difficult for the readers to follow the dicussion. In time of this fitna and lack of knowledge it is important that readers have easy access to knowledge and something easy figure out. Please the end abstain from commenting, thank you. Please Note Where Ever Mr Haq3909 Lacked Decency To Format His Response Appropriately I Would Be Formatting The Response On His Behalf. If I Reference A Post Number Please Note This Number Is Refering The Posts In The Original Thread And Not This Thread. Muhammad Ali Razavi.
  3. meray sath deobandion kay 1 mufti tauqeer ne choti si debate ki us ne pehle kaha kay allah kay siwa koi banda b illm e ghaib nahi janta likan jab us ne meri taraf se quran o hadess kay dalael sune tu us ne kaha kay hum mante hain alah ne hazoor ko baaz illm e ghaib diya tha likan jab de diya tu phir kon sa ghaib raha q k ghaib to posheeda cheez ko kehte hain isliye hum deobandi hazoor kko illm e ghaib janane wala nahi kehte men ne us ko 2 jawab diye . 1: agar allah kay ata karne se woh ilm ghaib nahi rehta or tum log hazoor kay liye ilm e ghaib janane wala lafz istimal nahi karte tu phir allah kay liye kon se lafz istimal karo ge q k alah ne b tu bata diya tha allah ne bata diya tu woh cheez b tumare baqool allah kay liye ghaib na rahi ab allah kay liye kiya lafz use karo ge, 2: dosra main ne use ye jawab diya kay jo tum ne pehle etraz kiya tha kay ghaib ata hone kay baad ghaib nhi rehta woh tumare barhon yani madrash e deoband(india) kay barey mufti kasy nazdeek yeh eitraz hi ghalt hai. yakeen nahi ata tu dekh lo: agar kisi islami bhai ko is eitraz ka koi or jawab ata hai tu woh Zaroor bataye,
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