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Found 1 result

  1. 99 names of Allah and Muhammad is an Islamic android app with a basic aim of providing the knowledge of the beautiful names of Allah and Muhammad (PBUH). This app is a production of Quran Reading which is an online Quran tutoring service and spread the knowledge of Islam in the people around the globe. Download 99 names of Allah and Muhammad(SAW) Essential Features of this App: ØBackground graphics of this app is very sound and attractive which makes this app attractive and makes the learning easier as well. ØAudio recitation of all the beautiful names of Allah Almighty and His messenger I multiple voices make this app unique. ØUser not only learns these names but also understand the complete meaning in Urdu and English translation through the feature of Urdu and English translation. ØCustomize notification feature of this app makes this app unique and competitive as well. User can set the setting of their own choice and don’t want to stick with the default setting of this app Download this app for free and use these features to increase your knowledge about Islam
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