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Found 4 results

  1. Madani Channel is a renowned religious channel of Pakistan. This channel is run by Dawateislami. It is one of the unique Islamic channels where displaying of un-Islamic things like playing of music, displaying of commercials etc. is strictly prohibited. Therefore the channel has a wide range of programs watched by many Muslims every day from across the globe. For the convenient of people, Dawateislami launched a mobile application for the transmissions of Madani channel. With this mobile application people can watch Madani channel's transmission through their smartphone. This mobile app is available for both Android & iOS users, you can downloads it from their respective app stores or you can visit here.
  2. Assalamo alaykum wa rahematullahe wa barkatuhu. Madani channel ko lekar ye aitraz uthaya ja raha hai ki, huzur madni miyan ne to 1996 me apni video ke jwaz ki tahkik pesh ki thi, aur ameere ahle sunnat ne 2008 me madni channel ki ibteda ki. to 1996 se 2008 tak ameere ahle sunnat TV ko haram kyun kahte rahe??? aur 2008 me ekdam se kyu halal kar dia??? barae maherbani, is suwal ka jawab kisi ke pas ho to inayat farmae. jazakallah.
  3. Salam Dear Administrator of Islami Mehfil (Madani Community) It is requested to add a major category of "Madani Inamat" in your forum so any one can access the date related to this topic. It is very spiritual topic which is directly related to Ameer-e-AhleSunnat. I hope you would proceed my humble request. Thank you Faheem Ahmed
  4. Madani Channel App For Android Free!! Download From: http://www.kgnfosys.com or It's Also Available on Google Play! https://play.google....?q=pub:KGNfosys
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