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Found 11 results

  1. السلام علیکم یہ اعتراض ایک جگہ دیکھا اس کا جواب فرما دیں " والناس فى هذا الباب- أعنى زيارة القبور- على ثلاثة أقسام: - قوم يزورون الموتى فيدعون لهم. وهذه هى الزيارة الشرعية. - وقوم يزورونهم يدعون بهم, وهؤلاء هم المشركون وجهلة العوام, والطغام من غلاتهم. - وقوم يزورونهم فيدعونهم انفسهم, وقد قال النبى صلى الله عليه وسلم " اللهم لا تجعل قبرىوثناً يعبد"...... There are three types of people who visit the graves. a) A Group that visits the dead and supplicate for them, this is Shar`ee visiting. Another group visit them and ask through them (i.e. Directly askin
  2. Introduction: Muslims believe Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi was’sallam) will bear witness on the day of judgment regarding actions of earlier and his own Ummah. This belief is based on established teaching of Quran; Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi was’sallam) has witnessed the all the events regarding which he will bear witness and has been sent as a Shahid (i.e. witness). And this understanding is based on principle; a true witness is one who has witnessed with eyes/ears regarding the event/incident regarding which he/she is called to bear witness. In contrast to Islamic teaching
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKaD_SQn64g
  4. Introduction: Recently [on 09 Nov 2014 - 5:55 PM] a heretic with the name of Zia Bashir created a thread on IslamiMehfil forum titled; 'Honorable Prophet Muhammad’s Invitation To Tawheed And Shirk Of Arabs.', which you can read, here. Brother Zia Bashir basically presented the following principles to indicate how a Ilah is made – which will be presented in my own words: ‘To believe any being has control over benefit and harm, or can alleviate every type of hardship/upsetting [matter] or has the power in the kingdom of Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) to utilize the means in the skies and earth (
  5. Shirk our Touheed0.pdf مکمل موضوع منسلک PDF فائل کو ڈائونلڈ کر کے پڑھیں۔ شکریہ۔
  6. Aik sahab nay yeh ietaraz kya hai kay is munajat may shirk ka pahlo hay "Ya ilahi reham farma mustafa kay wastay Ya Rasool ALLAH karam ki jiye khuda kay wastay" (dousray misray main). Koi sahab Quran hadith key roshni may iss key wazahat famayeen gay aur yeh batain gay kay kya ghair ul ALLAH say madad mangna najaiz hai?
  7. Salam Alayqum In your following article; ‘Refuting Heretical Argument - Innovated Practices Are Innovations …’, under the heading following heading: ‘1.3 - Reprehensible Innovations Are Misguidance.’, you presented following Ahadith - every newly invented matter/affair is innovation and every innovation is misguidance: “And the most evil affairs are the innovations; and every innovation is misguidance." [Ref: Muslim, B4, H1885] “Avoid novelties, every novelty is an innovation and every innovation is misguidance." [Ref: Abu Dawood, B40, H4590] Anyone who reads these two Ahadith would note; the
  8. Mujhay is hadees kay references aur scan chahay jis mai Nabi pak alaihislam nay farmaya : mafhoom : 1. mairi ummat buto ki pooja nahe karay gee (shirk e akbar) albatta riya aur dikhaway mai mubtala honay ka andaisha hai (shirk e asghar) 2. jo musalman par shirk ka fatwa lagaiay ga wo khud is ka ziada haqdar hai 3. shirk ummat mai nahe aaiy ga yaha tak kay hawa chalay gee jis say iman walay uth jaiay gain phir shirk kia jaiay ga. 4. is mazmoon par aur dosri ahadess kay references and scan.. jazakumullah o khair
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