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Found 1 result

  1. According to Gangohi , Thanvi is Polytheists Gangohi says that One who believes in unseen Knowledge of the Prophet According to Sadat Hanafi, he is a polytheist and a disbeliever Fataawa al-Rashidiyyah, Issues of Faith and Disbelief, p. 228 He further says that The knowledge of the unseen belongs to the Almighty. Applying this word from one interpretation to another is not free from the illusion of polytheism. Fatwa Rashidiya P ,229 See also Deobandi's own definition of the word khasa. Khalid Mahmood Deobandi writes: In particular, it is an adjective that is found in only one person or species and is not present in anyone Mutala Brielviyat Vol 1 Page 335 So now it has become clear that according to the Deobandis, the knowledge of the unseen belongs to the Almighty and cannot belong to anyone else And applying this word of knowledge of the unseen to others, ie, by the grace of God, is not free from the illusion of polytheism معاذ اللہ ثم معاذ اللہ But on the contrary, Thanwi has confessed the knowledge of the unseen to children, lunatics and even animals in memorization of faith. See Such knowledge of the unseen is obtained not only for ages but also for every insane and insane person but also for all animals and animals. حفظ الایمان Also, Murtaza Khasan Chand Puri writes in his book defending this phrase It has been acknowledged that the Holy Prophet has the knowledge of the unseen توضیح البیان علی حفظ الایمان ص 5 According to Gangohi, a person who believes in the knowledge of the unseen is a polytheist and a disbeliever according to Sadat Hanafi. Now you decide Thanwi and Darbhangi became infidels and polytheists by accepting the knowledge of the unseen, isn't it?
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