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Madani Munna

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....dishounours ALLAH (SWT), the creator



Where can the human escape from that being in whose hands is every atom. He says: I will come seceretly like theives.


(Roohani Khazaa'in Page 39, Vol. 20)


..claims divinity for Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.



I (Mirza) saw in a dream that I am God. I have belived that I am God.

(Rohanni Khazaa'in Page 564, Vol 5)




...teaches that the door of prophethood is open, even after the final prophet Muhammad (saw)


This fact is established like the day that the door of prophethood is open after prophet Muhammad (S A W)

(Haqeeqatun Nubuwah Page 228)



...debases the greatest of all Prophets, Muhammad (saw)


Prophet Muhammad (saw) and his sahabah (raa) used to eat cheese made by the christians, although it was well known that pig's fat was used in its making.

(Al Fadhal, Qadiyaan 22nd Febuary1924)




..claims that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is Muhammad! the messenger of Allah (SWT).


..Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. And those with him are hard against the disbelivers and merciful amoungst themselves. In this divine revelation, I have been named Muhammad and also Rasool.

(Roohani Khazain Page 207, Vol 18)



One who differentiated between me and the Mustupha has neither seen me or recognised me.

(Roohani Khazain Page 258-259 Vol 16)





... Teaches that Mirza Ghulam Ahmed is superior to Prophet Muhammad (saw)



..Muhammad has decended amungst us once again and he is more greater in status than ever before. Whosoever wants to see Muhammad (saw) should see Ghulam Ahmad in Qadian.

(Badr, Qadiyan 25th october 1906)




...propogates that Mirza is superior to all the Prophets


And Allah (SWT) is showing so many signs for me that if they were shown in the time of Noah, those people would not have drowned .

(Rohhani Khazain Page 575 Vol 22)


Yousuf of this UMMAH, i.e this humble one is greater than Israeli yousuf.



(Rohhani Khazain page 99 Vol 21)


Although many prophets have come into this world, I am no less in knowledge and recognition of ALLAH than any of them.

(Rohhani Khazain Page 240 Vol 18)



Leave the mention of Ibne Maryam (Easaa Alaihe sallam); Ghulam Ahmad is better than him.

(Rohhani Khazain Page 240 Vol 18)




...teaches hatred towards Hazrat Easaa Alayhis sallam, one of the greatest prophets of ALLAH



(Jesus) had the habit of uttering obscenities and frequently using foul language.

(Rohhani Khazain Page 289 Vol 11)



It should be remembered that he (Jesus) also had top some extent the habit of lying.

(Rohhani Khazain Page 289 Vol 11)



Jesus could not portray himself as a pious man because people know him as a gluttonus alcoholic.



(Rohhani Khazain Page 296 Vol 10)

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