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►Huzoor Ameen E Millat Dr. Syed Muhammad Ameen Miyan Barkaarti Qadri (Damat Barkatuhumul A’Aliyah)

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Ameen e Millat Huzoor Ameen Miyan Barkati Hussaini was born in Marehrah, A small town in the province of Uttar Pradesh (India). A town known as the heart throb of Millions of Sunnis worldwide.






Ameen e Millat is the son of Famous Sufi of Marehrah, Ah’sanul Ulama Hazrat Ah’san Miyan Barkati. Moreover He comes from a noble syed Family of Marehrah, which produced many great personalities of Islam including Hazrat Syed Shah Barkatullah, Hazrat Syed Shah Aley Ahmad Achchey Miyan, Syed Shah Aley Rasool Ahmadi (Murshid of A’ala Hazrat), Hazrat Shah Abul Hussain Ahmad-e-Noori alias Miyan Sahab (Murshid of Mufti e Azam Hind). Marehrah tomb is amongst the rarest of the world in which seven Qutub are buried under one roof.







After completing P.hd, Ameen e Millat is now a professor in the Urdu department of Aligarh Muslim University (Aligarh, India)







Amin E Millat, Syedi Sarkaar Amin Mian Mahrehrawi writes,


"Noorie dada, my murshid e haq, the crown of scholars, Syed Shah Aulad E Rasool Muhammad Mian Qadri Barkati radiallaho ta'ala anho and my father Syedul Ulema sacrificed their whole lives to proclaim and spread the Maslak of Ala Hazrat. Each child of the family of Barkaat is a slave of Ala Hazrat. Whether we have a private gathering or a public gathering, our habit and practice is to propagate Maslak E Ala Hazrat.






He has been ranked 44th in the list of 500 most Influential Muslims of the world in the year rating 2009,by the Amman, Jordan-based Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre in collaboration with the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at the Georgetown University, Washington DC. He has working for the educational uplift of the Muslims of India, and started a chain of educational institutions in India with the prefix Al-Barkaat.



>>>Al-Barkaat Educational Society :


The Society seeks to provide quality education to all sections of the society, particularly the Muslim community. It first started a Public School and then established Al-Barkaat Institute of Management Studies.


Being a non-profit organisation, Al-Barkaat Educational Society provides an ideal infrastructure and other facilities to students and a congenial environment for teaching and learning.


Visit at-


http://www.abie.in/ -



>>>Aims and Objectives


• To establish institutions for social, cultural, educational, moral, technical and societal uplift of the country.


• To establish and maintain educational institutions from Nursery to Diploma /Degree level;


• To explore and open avenues in job oriented training to generate self-

employment for women and less privileged people;


• To establish and run minority coaching centres for competitive tests / examinations;


• To affiliate institutions of the Society with relevant bodies;


• To grant financial assistance and award scholarships to deserving students;


• To promote tolerance, communal harmony and goodwill among various groups of people;




>>>Muslim Student Organization (MSO) :


Ameen e Millat is Patron in chief of MSO of India,a students organization of Muslim Youths of India. Muslim Students’ Organization of India (M.S.O) is Student and youth wing of Ahle Sunnat wal Jama’at of India. MSO was established in Aligarh in 1977 by the Some Sunni Teachers and Students of Aligarh Muslim University.Later it was registered in 1993 in Calicut Kerala.



It has a Well Connected network with all the Prominent Sunni Scholars Of India. Its Functions are based on Ishq-e- Rasool and Muhabbat-e- Rasool (Salallaho alaihi Wassalam). It guides the Muslim Students on the path of Sahaba-e-Kiram and Aulia-e-Kiram.



It is a non political religious organization founded with the aim to spread the true teachings of Quran and Sunnah throughout the country. It is a registered society and its branches are spread all over country.



Official Website of MSO-



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