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►Qamar Ul Ulama Hazrat Sheikh Aboobacker Bin Ahmad Musliyar Alias Kanthapuram (Madzillahul A’Ali)

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Hazrat Sheikh Aboobacker Ahmad Musliyar was Born in Kanthapuram, a village in Calicut District of Kerala (India), on Wednesday 1 Safar 1358 A.H./ 22nd March 1939 in peasant family of 'Alangam Poyil', the much popular and better known A.P.






His father, Mouthariyil Ahmed Haji, was very pious and so was his mother, Kunheema Hajjumma, who was the daughter of Kuttoosa Molla, a teacher of Qur-An in the locality of Mangad, where reaches the family routes of his father too.






He completed his elementary studies from A.M.L.P. School of Kanathapuram, where both Islamic and public instruction system co existed. Later he completed his higher Elementary education.




Kanthapuram completed his course in Qur'An studies from Vennakkode Abdulla Musliyar, who was a scholar and qari'a, (one who recites Qur An phonetically). He persuaded his studies in the Darses (the form of schools exist in mosques for religious and spiritual education) of Kanthapuram, Vavad, Kolikkal, Chaliyam and Thalakkadathur. He was awarded the degree of Moulavi Fadhil Baqavi from the renowned Islamic study centre of Baqiyath Swalihath, Vellore, in 1963.




Starting his career as a Mudarris, (Principal of Dars) at the Juma Masjid of Mangad (Elettil), in 1964, he served the same in Kolikkal Juma Masjid between 1970-76 and in Kanthapuram Juma Masjid during 1976 to 1981.





Sheikh Aboobacker bin Ahmed is versatile personality of scholar, orator, writer, organizer, educationist and fore-fighter of social revivalism. He is the General Secretary of the All India Sunni Jumiyyathul Ulema.


He is an influential person among the Sunnis of the Kerala. He has opened a charitable and educational institution in Karanthur, Calicut Kerala. He was appointed as a member of the NAC for the implementation of the RTÉ act in 2010.




>>>Books Written by him :


In Arabic


• Ismathul Anbiya (عصمة الأنبياء)


• Assiyasathul Islamiyya (السياسة الإسلامية)


• Al Vahdathul Islamiyya (الوحدة الإسلامية)


• Al Ithibau wal Ibthidau (الاتباع والابتداع)


• Riyadhu Thalibeen (رياض الطالبين)


• Idharul Farah Wassuroor bi Meeladi Nnabiyyil Mabroor

(اظهار الفرح والسرور بميلاد النبي المبرور)


• Almoulidu Rraviyy (المولد الروي)


• Tha'adeemul Akabir wahthiramu Sha'air (تعظيم الأكابر واحترام الشعائر)


• Faidanul Muslsalath Fee Bayanil Ijazah Al Muthadavilah

(فيضان المسلسلات في بيان الاجازة المتداولة)


• Tariqathu thasawwuf (طريقة التصوف)


• Al Barahin ul Qat’iyyah fir Raddi Alal Qadiyaniyyah

(البراهين القطعة في الرد على القاديانية)


• Adillathu Salatit Tarawih (أدلة صلاة التراويح)


• Eesal ut Tawab Li Inqaz il Mayyiti Min al Eqab (ايصال الثوب لإنقاذ الميت من العقاب)




Other Languages :


• Islam and Qadiyanism


• Women and Prayer


• A Complete study about Ahle Sunnah


• Tolerance in Islam


• The Hajj


• Thoughts of the Muslim World


• The Group Prayer after Namaz


• A Comprehensive Study about the Spirituality in Islam.



>>>Hazrat as a Social Reformer :


As a social and humanitarian activist, Sheikh Aboobacker bin Ahmed is a role model. Those different orphanages run by him adopt the poor and orphan students of either ###### and provide them with free food, accommodation and education. They are supported until they complete higher education and attain a self-stand. The Thurkiyya Orphanage, in the Markaz campus Karanthur, alone shelters more than 10000 students.



Markaz do have projects to protect and look after those men who are affected by natural calamities and riots. Those deprived and orphaned due to the earthquake in Andaman & Nicobar Islands and the suburban provinces of India and Pakistan, are educationally fed in Markaz.



Markaz shelters and provides with education to more than 600 Kashmiri students, who are either orphaned or denied of education because of the endless and year long fights.



Kanthapuram is famous in India and more in Arab countries by the title "Abul Aytam", meaning 'the Father of Orphans', for the unmatched services he rendered to the orphans and destitute.




>>>Shariah Court


The decision to establish the shariat court for speedy and fair settlement of family disputes as well as issues affecting the Muslim community was announced recently in Mangalore by Kanthapuram Aboobacker Musaliar, Sunni leader and general secretary of the Sunni Scholars’ Organisation of India.




A spokesperson quoted Musaliar as saying that the proposed court would be bound by existing laws and legal luminaries were being consulted for its formation. A committee would be formed soon for the purpose.




>>> Sunni Students Federation


The Sunni Students' Federation (SSF) is a youth movement which originated in Kerala in 1973 under the patronage of Kamarul Ulama Sheikh Aboobacker Ahmad (Kanthapuram). Currently, the SSF is active across India with offices in Kerala, Hyderabad, Banglore, Tamil Nadu, Mumbai, New Delhi, and U.P. SSF works for the educational and social development of the territory.



The SSF has established computer labs to provide computer literacy education and training for Indian residents.



RISALA WEEKLY is published under SSF state committe since 1983. In 2009, the RISALA was also published from UAE, SAUDI ARABIA, QATAR, KUWAIT, OMAN and BAHARAIN under the title 'GULF RISALA'.






• Award for the best social worker in the world by Darul Islam academy Rasal Khaima, UAE in 1992.


• Indian Islamic Centre Award 2000 for the best social cultural and educational worker in India.


• International Islamic Personality Award by Indo Arab Foundation UAE in 2006.


• Islamic heritage award for his service to protect Islamic culture and heritage, by Jeddah (KSA) based Islamic heritage,2009,January.



>>>Seminars and Conferences :


His representation of the Indian Muslims on the international stages includes;


>The Peace Call of Shari'a Conference organized by the Sri Lankan Shari'a Council, Colombo, 13 & 14, June, 1998.


>Hazrat has been invited to the annual Milad Conference of the Al Azhar University, Egypt, for the past 13 years.


>He enjoyed the 'Special Guest' invitation in the years 2005, 2006 and 2007, by the President of the United Arab Emirates in the Holy month of Ramadan.

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