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Hajj Aur Umra


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On 11/17/2010 at 11:16 PM, Bismillah said:


Hajj aur Umray main kya farq hai?




Kitab Hmara Islam say makhoz :





Haj k lughwi Mana Qasd-o-Irada kay hain - aor Istelah-e-Shareat main haj nam hay Ehram bhandh kr 9ween Zilhajah ko Arfat main thehrnay Aor Kaba-e-Muazamah k twaf ka , Makkah k mukhtalif mqamat-e-muqadisa main hazir hokar kuch aadab-o-aamal bja lana bhi haj main shamil hay , haj k leay aik khas waqt muqarrar hay keh is main yeh Af'aal keay jain to haj hay warna naheen



Umrah :



Ehram ki halat main Khaana-e-Kabah ka twaf aor Twaf k bad Safa-o-Marwah par Sa'yi in donon k majmooa ka naam umrah hay . iskay leay koi waqt muqarir nahene bkhlaf haj kay k is ka waqt muqarir hay kisi aor waqt main naheen hoskta .

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