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Ashoora [10Th Muharram] Is For Fasting

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As we know ashura [10th muharram] is approaching, let me share some beneficial research on this topic.


but still we see ssome jahil shia's come out on street beating himself etc, etc.


lets see what shia IMAM said & what shia alim testified?


May be you saw many shia’s blaming ahlu-sunnah that: Ahlu-sunnah do not love hussain(ra) i.e. why they fast on the day of ashoora i.e. 10th muharram!

May be the layman shia got this logic from the concept of fasting in ramadhan, i.e. we ahlu-sunnah fast on ramadhan very delightfully & with extreme happiness. Therefore the fast on ashoora is also because of happiness & joy! So this proves that we are Nasabi!




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