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Kiya Sahaba Ne Milad Manaya???



1.Hazrat Abu Bakar Radi Allah-o-A'nho ne farmaya: Jis ne Nabi k meelad par ek dirham kharch kia woh jannat main mere saath hoga..


2. Hazrat Umer Radi Allah-o-A'nho ne farmaya: Jis ne Meelad ki Tazeem ki us ne Islam ko Zinda kia...


3. Hazrat Usman Radi Allah-o-A'nho ne Farmaya: Jis Jis ne Meelad-e-Pak par Ek dirham b kharch kia goya woh Gazwa Badr o Hunain k jihad main shareek howa.


4. Mola Ali Radi Allah-o-A'nho ne farmaya: Jis ne Meelad-e-Mustafa ki Tazeem ki or us ko bayan karne ki Koshish ki woh dunia se Iman k saath jaye ga or bigair Hisaab k Jannat main dakhil hoga...


(An Nematul kubra Allama Ibn-e-Hajjar Makki Alyhi Rahma)


Jub talak Yeh Chand Taare Jhilmilaty Jainge

Tub talak Jashn-e-Wiladat hum manate Jainge

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Jazak Allahu Khaira Bhai Mujhe Bhi Ye Chahye Thi...


Bhai Agar Apko Problem Na Hoto Plz Ap Ne Jo Naimat Ul Kubra Ke Scan Pages' Lagaye To Is Book Ka Title Page Aur Jo Pages Ap Ne Hum Se Share Kiye To In Me "Sidiq-e-Akbar r.a. Faruq-e-Aazam r.a. Usman Zun Norain r.a. Or Muala Ali r.a. Ke Woh Qol-o-Farman Milad Par Hight Lights Kar Dein Bohat Shukariya...

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