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Huzur Mufti Muhammed Amin Sahib Damat Barkatuhum Aaliya

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Books of Mufti Muhammed Amin Sahib Damat Bakatuhum Aaliya. He is a Real Spirtual Personalty from Faisalabad. He is the Student of Molana Sardar Ahmed Muhadis-e-Pakistan (Faisalabad).

Mufti Muhammed Amin Sahib Damat Barkatuhum Aaliya's Says ::: ---

1. Make courtesy and humbleness a part of your behavior and you will become descant.

2. Think that everyone is better than you and you will be among the best of all.

3. Respect the knowledge and the learned, you will get spiritual progress.

4. Remain away from the earthly belongings and secular people because love for them is the root cause of all evils.

5. Your greatest enemies are your bad friends.

6. Fellowship of the pious is better than virtue and company of arrant is worse than evil.

7. Root of all virtues and prayers is to get Islamic Education, act upon it and teach it to others.

8. The remedy of adversity and all the troubles lies in making the poor and needy happy.

9. If a person has conciliation with everyone, his religion spoils.

10. Always be loyal to the religion even if all become angry

11. Respect of both worlds lies in the fellowship of The Holy Prophet (saw).

12. The best of all the virtuous readings (Wazaif) is Darood Shareef.

13. Always prefer after world on this world because disbelievers of Islam and devotees of this worldly life preferthis world on the next world.

14. Do not weigh the prayers of a thousand years of a person whose belief is against the belief of Ahl-ul-Sunna Wa Jamaat i.e. the party of the saints (Aulia Allah) even against the weight of the feather of a mosquito.

15. To keep enmity with the defiant and blasphemer of The Prophet of Allah and The Lord of all prophets (saw) is the key to get the love of Allah and The Prophet (saw).

16. When there comes an adversity, remember the sufferings faced by the pious people particularly those of Imam Hussain (A.S); the intensity of hardship will become light.

17. A person who keeps awake in the first part of night and keeps sleeping in the last part is one of the greatest unlucky.

18. Act upon the ways (Sunnah) of the Beloved of Allah and you will become the beloved of Allah


Read The Books and Pray for me .


Kashif Mir



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