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Maqam E Rasool - Check Translation Please.

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As salam alayqum wr wb


I translated a part Allamah Manzoor Ahmed Faizi's (rahimullah alayhi tallah) book; 'Maqam e Rasool' for a article which I am writting, but due to my third class Urdu, I am not sure the english translation is in accordance with the views expressed by Sayyidi Manzoor Ahmed Faizi rahimullah alayhi tallah, therefore I present the original in roman Urdu and my rough translation. Those brothers who have good command of Urdu, and the terminologies used, check the translation please and suggest corrections.


“113- Hazoor Hazrat Muhammed Mustafa sallalahu alayhi was'salam ko har sheh [cheez] ka ilm deeya gaya hat'ta kay rooh aur in panch cheezoon ka ilm be ata huwa jin ka zikr is ayaat meh heh: “In'nallaha indahu ilmus sa'ati ...” … Yeh hawalay uloom khamsa aur ilm Rooh kay saboot kay mutaliq hen, baqi Hazoor alayhi salamtu was'salam kay ilm qulli kay mutaliq be sun'neh.Hazoor sallalahu alayhi was'sallam ko har shai [cheez] ka ilm heh, har shai Hazoor per roshan heh joh kuch asmanoon aur zameenoon meh heh who sab jantay hen, aap har ghayb pe mamoon hen. Ma'kana (joh ho chuka) mayakoon (joh ho raha heh aur joh hota rahay ga) yeh sab kuch ba itla e illahi ba aa'laam rabbani wa ba'faiz Subhani wa ba'tawfeeq Rehmani jantay hen, Lawh wa qalam kay jami uloom kay ja'meh hen balkay Lawh o qalam kay uloom aap kay uloom walay sumundar say chand qatray hen, Hazoor ka ilm Allah tallah kay Ilm say baaz heh- ...” … Aur makhlooq ki ba'nisbat Qull heh yehni Hazoor alayhis salatu was salam ka ilm qulli bi heh aur juzzi be heh. Min jehtal khaliq juzzi heh aur min jehtal makhlooq qulli heh. Neez hazoor alayhis salatu was salam makhlooq hen aur hazoor ka ilm be makhlooq heh. Ilm illahi Zaati heh aur ilm khalq Atahi, voh wajid yeh mumkin voh qadeem yeh haadis, voh na'makhlooq yeh makhlooq, voh na muq'door maqdoor. Voh zeroori al baka, yeh jaiz ul fana, voh mumtana altagheer yeh mumkin altabdil in azeem tafarqoon kay bad ihtimal shirk nah hoga magar kissi majnoon ko.” [Maqaam e Rasool, Pages 505, 506.507]





Prophet Muhammed (sallalahu alayhi was'salam) has been given the knowledge of evrything, even the knowledge of soul and the five Ghaybs which have been mentioned in verse: “In'nallaha indahu ilmus sa'ati ...” … these refferences are about the knowledge of five and soul, now listen about the Prophet's (sallalahu alayhi was'salam) Qull knowledge of Ghayb. Prophet Muhammed (sallalahu alayhi was'salam) knows everything, everything has been made apparent to him, what ever was/is in the skies or on planets hes knows all, he is informed of all Ghayb. What has happened in past, what is happening at present and what will happen in future all this is known to him by informing of Ilah (God), by signs of Rabbani (i.e. Lord, Sustainer), and by bounty of Subhani (i.e. Glorious), and by approving of Rehmani (i.e. Compassionate). Knows all the knowledge in Lawh and Qalam, infact the knowledge of Lawh wal Qalam's are few drops from sea of knowledge of Prophet Muhammed (sallalahu alayhi was'salam). Prophet's (sallalahu alayhi was'salam) knowledge in comparision to Allah's (subhana wa tallah) knowledge is Baaz (i.e. Partial, Limited). And in connection to creation the Prophet's (sallalahu alayhi was'salam) knowledge is Qull (i.e. Absolute), meaning that Prophet's (sallalahu alayhi was'salam) knowledge is Qull as well as Juzzi (i.e. Limited, Partial). When from point of Khaliq (i.e. Creator) its Juzzi, and from point view of Makhlooq (i.e. creation) its Qulli. RasoolAllah (sallalahu alayhi was'salam) is creation, and his knowledge is creation as well, knowledge of God is Zaati (i.e. personel, own) and knowledge of creation Atahi (i.e. given, granted), that [knowledge of Allah] is Wajib (i.e. necessary), this [knowledge of creation] is mumkin (i.e. possiable), that is Qadeem (i.e. eternal) this is Hadis (i.e. created), that is non-creation this creation, that is non-preordained and this is preordained. That must exist/remain, this can go out of existance [into nothingness], that does not change, this is possiable to change, with such great difference [between knowledge of Creator and Creation] only a mad-man will assume there is possiability of Shirk.”



The complete article will be posted on this Forum: a Sunni Forum not Wahabi Or Deobandi.





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