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A Platform To Gather All The Potential Translators On Facebook

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Religion of the Universe in Languages of the Universe:

A platform to gather all the potential translators (mainly) and writers of the religious material.

This group has been created solely for the purpose of translation/proofreading/editing/management of bilingual (or multilingual) Islamic literature (softcopies only). We Aim to gather the devoted religious workers from all around the world, the translators (Arabic, English, Urdu, Persian etc) writers and anybody who can work for it. We do this for the benefit of none but the whole Muslim Ummah. A list of members, newcomers and upcoming members has been placed in the documents you may have a look. This page has just be started and trying to gather and make a powerful team for this purpose. I you can or suggest any of your friend for this service please do so.


An initial list of published softcopies on the page:


1. Introduction of Mufti Faiz Ahmed Owaisi


2. Destruction of Valentines Day


3. Qurbaani of chicken is permissible for Ghair Muqallid Wahabis


4. The belief of Wahabis regarding the Shrine of Holy Prophet


5. Panjtan Paak by Allama Ahmad Saeed Kazmi sahib


6. The Wind did not obey Allah? Answer to an objection on Malfoozat-e-Ala Hazrat


7. Belief of Muhadditheen


8. Imam Ahmad Raza and Hadaaiq e Bakhshish part 3


9. Imam Bukhari al-Shafi'i


10. Deoband Vs Deoband




-suggestions welcomed! -Regards, The team Devoted and Determined.

Join on Facebook, Religion of the Universe in Languages of the Universe

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