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2121 By Ala Hazrat Bralvi

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Guzarersh he chand pehlay muje ye maloom chala ke Ala Hazrat Fazal Bralvi ne sun 2121 ko Qayamat ke ane ka isTadlal banaya tha or is per ek kitab bhi likhi thi kya ye bat dorost he ?agr asi koi kitab he to bare meharbani ose yahan per share karen,ap logo ke tawon ka behat mamnoon hon ga shukria.

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Heran hon 2 din guzr gae hen or kisi ko bhi nahi maloom,janab koi to jawab den ye form to ala hazrat ki kitaboon or inki yad dashtoon se bhara para he phir mere sawal ka kio jawab nahi dya ja raha he,bare mehbani muje jawab den ap logo ka mushkoor hon ga



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Ye Bat ek Kitab me chapi he jis ka nam he Qayamat ki Nishania jo sun 1920 me chhapi he jis me Alaa Hazrat ke hawale se ye bat kahi gai he ke uno ne Hesab Jamal ke hawal se ye bat kahi ya likhi he ke sun 2121 Qayamat ane ya khara hone ka sal he dar haqeeqat ham jitni bhi is mamle me tahqeeq karte hen Qayamat ki nishanio ke hawale se to hame ye baten kareeb qayas lagti he,bar hal agr koi Alaa Hazrat ke hawale se koi bat batana chata he to plz share karen ,shukria

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maybe you are talking about Al Malfooz Sharif


From Malfuzat-e-Ala Hadrat RadiAllahu Anhu Volume 1


Question: When will Qiyaamah (Day of Judgement) be established and when will Sayyiduna Imam Mehdi appear?


Answer: As far as this is concerned, Almighty Allah knows best and by His Divine Blessing and information, His Beloved Rasool salAllahualayhiwasallam knows. Hence, this fact is explained in the Ayah of Holy Quraan,


عالم الغيب فلا يظهر على غيبه أحدا ط إلا من ارتضى من رسول *

Allahknows the Knowledge of Unseen. He does not expose this Ghaib to anyone except His chosen Prophets.


Imam Ahmad Qastalaani and others have commented that the above-mentioned Ghaib refers to Qiyaamah. Some Ulama before Imam Jalaaludeen Suyuti calculated that this Ummah would not exceed beyond 1000 Hijri. Hence, Imam Jalaaludeen Suyuti wrote a Kitaab on this subject,


الكشف عن تجاوز هذه الامة الألف

He refuted their calculation. He has proven that this Ummah will exceed 1000 years. Imam Jalaaludeen passed way in 911 Hijri and said that Qiyaamah will be around 1300 Hijri. By the Grace of Allah, 26 years (This discussion took place in the year 1326 hijri) have passed since then, and let alone Qiyaamah, not even the great signs of Qiyaamah have appeared.


There are many Ahadith Shareef pertaining to Imam Mehdi but nothing is mentioned about the date or year of his appearance. By the virtue and calculations of certain science of knowledge, I (Ala’ Hadrat) assume that there will be no Islamic rule on this earth in the year 1837 Hijri and in 1900 Hijri, Imam Mehdi will appear.


Moulana Sheikh Abd al-Haqq Muhaajir-e-Makki compiled a beautiful Kitaab. In it, he proved and established from the Holy Quraan and Hadith Shareef that Sayyiduna Rasoolullah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam possessed the Knowledge of Unseen (علم غيب). In this Kitaab, he accumulated many Ahadith Shareef pertaining to the signs of Qiyaamah. But he has not mentioned anywhere anything about a specific time. The Hadith Shareef states, “The age of this Duniya is seven days and I (The Holy Prophet ) was sent to this world in the latter day." Another Hadith Shareef states, “I trust that Almighty Allah will grant my Ummah another half a day.” According to the above two Ahadith Shareef, the age of this Ummah adds up to 1500 years. This calculation is made according to this Ayah of the Holy Quraan,


إن يوما عند ربّك كالف سنة مما تعدّون *

According to your Lord, the calculation of one day is equivalent to 1000 years.


The above Hadith Shareef confirms my calculation because the Holy Prophet salAllahu alayhi wa sallam requested Allah to increase the life span of his Ummah to another half a day. It is entirely on the Will of Allah to increase the period to as much as He pleases. This assumption is similar to the Battle of Badr when Almighty Allah promised to send 3000 Angels to assist His Beloved Rasool salAllahu alayhi wa sallam and the honourable Sahaba. Allah states,


ألن يكفيكم ان ّيمدّكم ربّكم بثلاثة الآف من الملائكة منزلين *

Is it not sufficient for you that your Lord sent 3000 Angels to assist you?


On this promise, Allah increased the numbers of the Angels. Thus He states,


بلى أن تصبروا و تتقوا يأتوكم من فودكم يمددكم بخمسة الآف من الملائكة مسوّمين *

Why not, if you are patient and stay steadfast and if shortly the Kuffaar attack you, then your Lord will send 5000 skilled (in warfare) Angels that will assist you.


Question: Respected Imam, did you calculate all these dates through the science of Jafr

Ilm-e-Jafr, is a secret mystical science of knowledge, which is only entrusted to senior Awliya of the Ummah and Ala’Hadrat Imam Ahmad Rida RadiAllahu Anhu was certainly one of them.



Answer: Yes. (Then with a very low tone he said) Eat the mangoes and do not count the trees (this remark means not to ask too many questions).


He continued on this subject by saying: I calculated both these dates from the leads of Sayyidul Makashifeen Sheikh-e-Akbar Muhiyyudeen Ibn Al Arabi . Allahu Akbar! What powerful and precise Kashf (spiritual insight) did Sheikh-e-Akbar possess! He passed away long before the founder of the Ottoman Empire, Sultan Uthmaan Pasha, but he foretold the names of all the Sultans and their Ministers. He mentioned all these prophecies discreetly and briefly in his works. He pointed out to big events that were to take place during the rule of the Ottoman Empire. He also used soft words for a certain Sultan and temperamental words for others. This pointed out to the attitude and events of different Sultans in the period of their rule. It was from these prophecies that I calculated that no Muslim rule will exist on earth around the year 1837 Hijri and Sayyiduna Imam Mehdi will appear 63 years later, around 1900 Hijri.


Concerning his own grave, he said, “For a number of years my grave will be hidden from the people.” He further said,


اذا دخل السّين في الشّين ظهر قبر محي الدين *

When “Seen” will enter “Sheen”, the grave of Muhiyyudeen will be exposed.


Hence, when Sultan Salem entered Shaam (Syria), Sheikh Ibn Arabi informed the Sultan of his grave in a dream. The first letter of “Salem” is Seen (س) and the first letter of “Shaam” is Sheen (ش). So this was what Sheikh-e-Akbar t referred to in the above prophecy. However, Sultan Salem found his grave and built a beautiful Mazaar Shareef on it. Now the Muslim world knows his sacred grave and go there to pay their tributes and reap spiritual benefits from him. Subhaanallah! How powerful and precise is the knowledge and perception of these Awliya of Allah.

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Ye Bat ek Kitab me chapi he jis ka nam he Qayamat ki Nishania jo sun 1920 me chhapi he jis me Alaa Hazrat ke hawale se ye bat kahi gai he ke uno ne Hesab Jamal ke hawal se ye bat kahi ya likhi he ke sun 2121 Qayamat ane ya khara hone ka sal he


Pls let us know who wrote book Qayamat Ki Nishaniya (Sign of Judgement Day) and also provide scan if possible ?Thanx

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