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Ilm E Ghaib Par Eitraz Ka Jawab

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meray sath deobandion kay 1 mufti tauqeer ne choti si debate ki us ne pehle kaha kay allah kay siwa koi banda b illm e ghaib nahi janta likan jab us ne meri taraf se quran o hadess kay dalael sune tu us ne kaha kay hum mante hain alah ne hazoor ko baaz illm e ghaib diya tha likan jab de diya tu phir kon sa ghaib raha q k ghaib to posheeda cheez ko kehte hain isliye hum deobandi hazoor kko illm e ghaib janane wala nahi kehte men ne us ko 2 jawab diye .


1: agar allah kay ata karne se woh ilm ghaib nahi rehta or tum log hazoor kay liye ilm e ghaib janane wala lafz istimal nahi karte tu phir allah kay liye kon se lafz istimal karo ge q k alah ne b tu bata diya tha allah ne bata diya tu woh cheez b tumare baqool allah kay liye ghaib na rahi ab allah kay liye kiya lafz use karo ge,


2: dosra main ne use ye jawab diya kay jo tum ne pehle etraz kiya tha kay ghaib ata hone kay baad ghaib nhi rehta woh tumare barhon yani madrash e deoband(india) kay barey mufti kasy nazdeek yeh eitraz hi ghalt hai.

yakeen nahi ata tu dekh lo:



agar kisi islami bhai ko is eitraz ka koi or jawab ata hai tu woh Zaroor bataye, (ja)

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