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Kanzul Iman For Android / Windows Mobile Now Available!

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Alhamdhulillahi Azzawajal! Kanzul Iman For Android And Windows Mobile Launched!!!!!



Android Video:


Windows Mobile Video:



Download From:




It's Also Available on Google Play!





1. Directly Go to Surah, Ayah, Para, Ruku and Manzil.

2. View Urdu & English Meaning.

3. View Urdu Tafseer.

4. Listen to Arabic Quran Audio & Urdu Meaning Audio (Separately or one after the other)

5. Book Marks (Up to 6)

6. SMS Urdu & English Meaning (Also Preview SMS)

7. Export Meaning and Tafseer to a text file (in your device) After exporting you will be able to send the file via Bluetooth, Email or MMS. (This Feature Would Be Disabled For Devices that cannot give Write Permissions)

8. Change Font Size, Color, Back Color, Set Bold to true or false.

9. View Multiple Ayah, Or Single Ayah.

10. Arabic Text Is NOT PRESENT.

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