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Ala Hadhrat (Aleh Rahma) Demise And Burial


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Imam Ahmed Raza’s final advice before his demise
1. Nothing with photos of living objects should be near me when my Ruh (Soul) leaves.
2. Recite Sura Yasin and Sura Ra’ad beside me.
3. Recite Durood in abundance.
4. Keep those who are weeping away from me.
5. Give my Ghusl according to the Sunnah.
6. Either Mawlana Haamid Raza or Allamah Amjad Ali should perform my Janaza Salaah (R.A)
7. Do not delay my Janazah.
8. When taking my Janazah, recite “Kaabe ke Badru Duja”.
9. Do not read anything in my praise.
10. Place me softly in the grave.
12. My grave should be dug according to my height.
13. My Kafan should be according to the Sunnah.
14. The food of my Fatiha must be given to the poor.
15. Haamid Raza must give a fair share of everything to Chothe Mia (Huzoor Mufti Azam Hind). If not, my Rooh will be displeased. 
16. All of you must remain steadfast on Deen. Do not leave the path of Shariah. Stay on the Deen on which I was.
Wisaal of Imam Ahmed Raza
The brightly shining sun of Barelvi Sharif, the Coolness of the Eyes of the Ulema, the Mujaddid of the Century the Sweet-scented Rose from the Fragrant Garden of the Holy Prophet , Sayyiduna Ala Hazrat , Imam Ahmad Raza Khan left this mundane world on Friday, the 25th of Safar 1340 A.H. (28 October 1921) at 2.38 p.m. It was the exact time of the Jummah Azaan.
At the time of the demise of Sayyiduna Ala Hazrat (Alihe Rehma), a certain Saint of Syria dreamt of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw)  while he was in the Baitul Muqaddas. In his dream, the Saint saw many Sahaba Ikraam (raa)  seated around the Holy Prophet (saw) . All of them seemed to be waiting for someone.
The Saint says that, in his dream, he asked, “Ya Rasulallah (saw) ! Whose presence is being awaited?” The Holy Prophet (saw) replied, “Ahmed Raza Khan.” The blessed Saint then asked, “Who is Ahmed Raza Khan?” The Holy Prophet (saw)  answered, “An Aalim from Barelvi.”
When this Saint awoke, he immediately journeyed from Syria to Barelvi Sharif to meet Ala Hazrat (Alihe Rehma). However, to his dismay, he learnt that Ala Hazrat had already departed from this world.
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