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haram sharif makkha main libya k haji say gup shup ka mauka mila.  he said that he had performed umrah for his parents.  i enquired whether it is jaiz.he said,of course.  i put a question about their aisal e sawab programme for marhoomeen.he replied,


after dafan, for three days relative and talbaan from madrassaas come and recite quraan sharif. after three days we arrang a lunch or dinner for guest and talbaan. than after three days ,for remaining 37 days a few talbaan come and daily recite quraan sharif.and after 40 days we again arrange a small type of daawat for taalbaan.  at libya also it is performed.


before last 100 years it was very difficult for relatives to come immediately and attend janaaza due to non availability of communications.  the affected family decided to arrange big aisal e sawab function at last third day.  they though so many relativrs will also arrive and further it will also be end of soog.is tarah teesaray din qul khawnee ka riwaj ho gia jo abhee tak chal raha hay. magar ya zaroori naheen qul khawnee aap 2nd day bhee kar saktay hain kion k bahut saaray guest ko sanbhalna mushkil ho jaata hay. laiken is k sath sath ya zaroori hay ka soog phir bhee third day he khatam ho ga.


qul lhawnee aur quraan khawnee aik he cheez hay.  ulma karam nay kuch sair channay mangwa kar ginnay to un kee makhsoos quantity samnay aa daee. un hoon nay kaha agar itnay channay mangwaa ain to un kee itni taadaad ho ja a gee. is tarah channay khatam main aana shuru ho gay. us zamanay main khajoor kee ghutliaan itni aasaani say naheen miltee theen.      channay dar asal shumaaray thay kay itna quraan sharif ya darood sharif parah gia.  agar aik aadmi teen dafa qul sharif parh lay to ail quraan ka swab milta hay. to faisla kia gia k har aad mee teen dafa teesra qul parh lay to ya qul khawnee ban gaee.




naik aadmi kay darjaat k bulandi k liee a farishtay 40 din tak astagh faar kartay hain. ab kaun kehta hay k main father ya mother naik banday naheen that. wo naik umeed kay sahara ALLAH TAALA say pur umeed honay k liee husnay zan main mubtala ho gia k mairay parents k liee farishtay astaghfaar kar rahay hoon gay to main bhee 40 wain roze kuch khana ytaqseem karoon ga.


is tarah chaleeswaan wajood main aa gia.


yahan yaad rakhain k qul ya chaleeswain ka khana sirf ghareeb/fuqra k liee hay ya door say aa a hu ay guest k liee. local k liee nahee,


umeed hay ghair muqaldeen jo is aisal k qauil naheen,sanjeedgee say is topic ko paraihn gay.  allah kee taqat la mehdood hay.ham request kartay hain k YA ALLAH is ka sawab falan ko pohncha. dua na mang kar ham us ko mehdood kar rahay hain kay naheen pohnchta.nauzu billah



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