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Filthy Language Of Imam Ahmed Raza Khan-Anwered

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A Deobandi on one blog falsely accused the Imam of Ahlesunnat Imam Ahmed Raza Khan (Alihe Rehma) using filthy language for Allah (Subhana wa Talla). Have a look at what deobandi quotes from Ala hazrat.


A woman is capable of committing fornication. Then according to the opinion of your leader and teacher, it is necessary that your God too should be capable of committing fornication – otherwise the prostitutes of the brothers of the Deobandi’s would laugh at Him and say: ‘How do you claim for Godhead? You are not capable of doing which even we can do?’ This naturally implies that your God must possess a female sexual organ – otherwise where will be the sexual intercourse?”
(Ahmad Raza Khan in his Subhan al-Subbuh. P. 142)



In the above quoted reference one thing to notice is that Ala Hazrat did not mention the name of Allah, rather he focused on the word “YOUR GOD”. Secondly the underlined part is not really in the urdu statement of Imam Ahmed Raza Khan. Deobandi writer added the underlined part only to continue with the Deobandi custom of fabrication. Now read a bit on what Deobandi believes for Allah.


One of the founders of Deoband/Wahhabi sect in sub-continent Shah Ismael Dehalvi writes

If it is within the power of a human to speak lies then Allah has to have this power as well. Otherwise this would mean that the human has more power that Allah.” (Yak Roza, Pg17)


Another Mainstream Deobandi Scholar Khaleel Ambhetvi writes

It is an established principle that what so ever is possible for Human is also possible for Allah” (Tazkera tul Khaleel, Pg135)


Grand Mufti of Deoband Rasheed Ahmed Gangohi writes in his collection of fatawa

…….Hence it is proven that lying is with in the possibilities of Allah.” (Fatawa Rashidiya pg7)


In the above quoted statements, the elders of Deoband clearly states their belief that whatever good or bad a person can do, God must have that power to perform that good or bad  to prove it’s superiority. It looks like a simple statement on a first look but if we go in depth of this, it brings up with a very disastrous image of God .


1.       If a person can speak a lie God also can.        (Maaz Allah)

2.       If a person can steal God can also.                (Maaz Allah)

3.       If a person can drink alcohol God also can.     (Maaz Allah)


Likewise there is countless number of evils that humans can perform and Deobandi logic says that God must have that power as well to perform that evil. The statement which the Deobandi accused as being filthy was written as a reply for this ugly belief of Deobandia and Wahhabiya. When this belief was brought in front of scholars more than 35 scholars from Arab and 300 from sub-continent issued a verdict of kufr on this belief.


Imam Ahmed Raza Khan in his statement completely tear down the Deobandi philosophy of Allah having the power to perform every evil a human can by saying that

“If a woman can perform fornication than your god should be capable to do this and this implies that your god possesses a female organ.


Imam Ghazali (Alihe Rehma) writes

 “Whoever thinks that Allah has a body made of organs, then he is an idol-worshipper. Whosoever worships a body is regarded a disbeliever by the consensus (ijma) of all the scholars, the early scholars and the late.” (Iljam al-Anam an Ilm al-Kalam, Pg 6-8).


All the speech of Imam Ahmed Raza Khan was intended to preserve the dignity and the status of Allah (Subhana wa Talla), and to prove that Allah is free from every defect,  and he presented his  argument so strongly that even the Deobandis and Wahhabis have no choice left other than to accept it is an impertinent belief to hold for Allah, but rather than doing Tawba they played the other way round and wrongly accused Imam Ahmed Raza Khan for using filthy language for Allah.





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attention toheedee bhaee, please check subhan usabooh page 142, very carefuly and reply in urdu, what are saying deobandies about tehreer of Alla hazrat.  

deos are liar...........dont pay attentin to them............even their sky god lies................... :D  :D  :D

thier own books shows their filth .....in filthy languages..............thats why we call them deo gandis!

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