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تقویۃالایمان کی حمایت پر وہابیوں کے شکوک و شبہات کا ازالہ

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Salam alayqum,

Yeh Kitab Khadim nay is link par parri:


Allah ta'ala is kay musanaf ko aur tofeeq deh aur darjat buland karay. Musanaf nay bot hee zabrdast tareekay say har pehloo ko ujagar keeya heh. Agar is kitab meh ek aur point ka izafa keeya jahay ala hazrat kay kalam aur aqahid nazriya aur wazia ho jahay ga.

saray achay achoon meh acha samajyeh jissay
heh us achay say acha hamara nabi,

saray unchoon meh uncha samajyeh jissay,
heh us unchay say uncha hamara nabi,

khalq say awliya, awliyah say rusul
Rasooloon say ala hamara Nabi.

[Ala Hazrat ka kalam]


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