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Qur'an Mobile Application - Kanzul Iman

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I am in the process of developing a mobile App with 16 Surah's of the Qur'an and 5 Dua's for everyday reading for on behalf of Aslamiya Welfare Trust, London. U.K. I need the database of Urdu Translation of Kaznul Imaan, which is Imaam Ahmed Raza Brailvi's translation in order to develop this. This application which we will develop will be for free distribution amongst Muslim brothers and sisters. Please can someone tell me where I can get the Urdu translations of the following Surah's and Duas:

  1. Chapters of the Qur’an:
    1. Surah Yasin
    2. Surah Fatah
    3. Surah Rahman
    4. Surah Waqiah
    5. Surah Mulk
    6. Surah Nuh
    7. Surah Jinn
    8. Surah Muzzammil
    9. Surah Kahaf
    10. Surah Tariq
    11. Surah Kafirun
    12. Surah Lahab
    13. Surah Ikhlas
    14. Surah Falaq
    15. Surah Naas
    16. Surah Fatiah
  2. Duas:
  3. Ayat al Kursi
  4. Dua Ganj al Arsh
  5. Durud Taj
  6. Haft Haikal
  7. Ahed Namah

Please anyone, send me the details for the sake of Allah (Swt) and gain sawab.


Jazak Allah Khair,

Azeem Burney.



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you better contact developer team of Dawat-e-Islami, they will definitely assist you whatever they can.


May ALLAH bless you and help you for your positive struggles - Ameen


Jazak-ALLAH azz-o-wa-jal

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